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          Tanaostigmatidae. -- This is a small family of parasitic wasps, most of which are phytophagous tropical and subtropical insects that form galls in plant stems, leaves, or seeds. There are only ca.  95 species in 10 genera, and


          They are typically short, squat wasps, best recognized by a protruding prepectus, and the mesonotum is often strongly arched, so the pronotum is nearly vertical.  Most of these phytophagous insects are associated with galls, and probably are the gall-formers. There are many records of species reared from galls, however little detailed biologies are studied, but exceptions to gall-forming species are known. Sole seed infestation without gall formation has been reported from India (Lateef, 1977; Lateef, et al. 1985); and inquinilism in cecidomyiid galls is known from Brazil and Japan (LaSalle, 1987). Cynipencyrtus flavus Ishii of Japan is the only known parasitic species known.  It  attacks gall-forming cynipids (Tachikawa, 1973, 1978). Preferred host plants for members of this family are woody trees and shrubs in the pea family Fabaceae, although species have been reared from galls on Triplaris (Polygonaceae), Scutia and Condalia (Rhamnaceae) and Psidium (Myrtaceae), and recorded as collected on several other families.


          The galls are of many types, and may be found on stems, leaves, seeds of flowers (usually in deformed ovaries).  Four species occur in the Southwestern United States and Florida.  The larvae are primarily gall makers.


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