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HYMENOPTERA, Peradeniidae (Proctotrupoidea).-- <Images> & <Juveniles>




Description & Statistics


          Peradeniidae. -- Data on the biology of these proctotrupids is sparse, but they have been collected during the winter months in Australia.  There is one genus, Peradenia, with two species.


          Peradeniids are 6-10 mm long, hardy and black, similar to twig-nesting Pemphredonidae (Pemphredon) (Masner 1993).  The eyes are large, and there is restricted malar space.  The pronotum projects backwards in lateral view.  The forewing veins are reduced to only 2 closed cells, and the metatibia are distinctly clavate.  The metasomal segment 1 is very long and narrow (petiolate).  The anterior portion of tergum 2 and sternum 2 are constricted and neck-like, terga 2-4 are fused (Masner 1993).


          The biology has not been studied extensively, but some workers have observed a flight period during winter.  The family has one genus (Peradenia) with 2 species only in Tasmania and Victoria, Australia.


          A family description was also given by Naumann & Masner (1985).



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