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HYMENOPTERA, Mesoserphidae (Proctotrupoidea)


          Mesoserphidae. -- These are parasitoids of immature stages of other insects. Most species are small black, and

may often be confused with cynipids or chalcidoids. The smallest species have a reduced wing venation, but they

may be separated from chalcidoids by the structure of the mesosoma and ovipositor. The pronotum in the proctotrupoids is more triangular when viewed laterally and it extends to the tegulae. The ovipositor emanates from the tip of the metasoma rather than from anterior to the tip


          A good reference is:  Rasnitsyn A.P. 1986. New hymenopterous insects of the family Mesoserphidae. Vestnik zool. 2: 19-25 (in Russian).



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