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          Chalcididae. -- These are medium sized wasps about 2.2-8 mm long.  Their hind femora are swollen and bear teeth.  The chalcidids have antennae that are bent and very small.  The body is laterally compressed.  They are distinguished from the leucospidids by having their ovipositor short and their wings not folded longitudinally when resting.  The eggs are produced parthenogenetically at the rate of 300-400.


          The chalcidids are parasitoids of Lepidoptera, Diptera, and Coleoptera, and some are hyperparasitoids that attack tachinids or ichneumonids. The clover seed chalcid, Bruchophagus platyptera (Walker), is a serious pest of alfalfa seed and clover.  Destruction can exceed 85 percent.  The eggs are deposited through the seed pod, and only one larva will develop per seed.  Pupation occurs in the seed.  Control is especially difficult and involves eliminating light where seed is stored, and synchronizing seed production with periods of low pest activity.


          They are a moderate-sized family within the Chalcidoidea, composed mostly of parasitoids and a few hyperparasitoids. The family is believed to be polyphyletic, though the different subfamilies may each be monophyletic, and some may be elevated to family status in the near future. As presently defined, there are over 87 genera and over 1458 species worldwide. They are often black with yellow, red, or white markings, rarely brilliantly metallic, with a robust mesosoma and very strong sculpturing. The hind femora are often greatly enlarged, with a row of teeth or serrations along the lower margin.


          One of the more remarkable uses of the muscular hind legs is the species Lasiochalcidia igiliensis, which attacks the dangerous, predatory larvae of ant lions, holding the mandibles of the larva spread apart while the wasp carefully injects an egg into the membrane of the exposed throat.


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