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A Public Information Service of suspected Pre-Colombian Explorations in America






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1.  ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES IN AMERICA  [3 MB+ Connections] [Previews of Sites]     <Recent Discoveries>

(Principal American sites & Old World similarities)


 2.  Photos of Archeological Sites

(Numerical List of Sites)


 3.  Periods of Mesoamerican Civilizations

(1800 BC to 1521 AD)


 4.  Civilizations in America (Chronology)

                (Preclassic, Classic & Post-Classic)


 5.  Pre-Columbian Ethnic Diversity;  Illustrations

 (Infrequent Visitors from Africa, Asia & Europe )


 6.  Chronological Album (Ethnic Diversity)

(Illustrations arranged in chronological order)


 7.  Bronze Age European Visitors in America                                                            

(Petroglyphs evidence 1800 B.C. explorations)

                                                                                                                                                          [See Tulum]

 8.  Useful Domesticated & Wild Plants of American Origin

(All plants of known American Origin)


 9.  Mass Extinction of Mammals in America

(Theories to Explain Widespread Pleistocene Extinctions)


10.  Petroglyphs & Pictographs

(Ancient Writings in America & Other World Sites Compared)


11.  Early Humans in America;        12.  Indiana Site                       13.  Kansas Site

(The Search For Early Humans in America)                (Tools Below Lower Pleistocene)


14.  Sitios Archeolόgicos de Bolivia y Peru         15.  Theory On The Formation of Languages

(Translations of Scripts & Artifacts)                      (Basque & Ancient Saharan connection)


16.  Misc Categories


          Ogam Writing System     Ogam Translation       Human Migrations        Map Links       Archeology Index      Related Websites



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NOTE:    This site is a not-for-profit database whose mission is to facilitate the dissemination, and generation

of historical knowledge related to human exploration and migration.  Particular emphasis is placed on published

accounts describing prehistoric interactions of peoples of the Old World with those of the Americas.  Constructive

criticisms of theories are included in an effort to extend the arguments in a worldwide forum.  The material

included is not part of the formal Archeology curriculum in The University of California.


 Photographs before 1955 were taken with an Argus camera; thereafter either with a Zeiss Icon or Nikon

digital camera, unless otherwise noted.  The ancient originators of the art shown herein are posthumously respectfully