The C. elegans Worm Show

Dear Worm Community,

Many of us look forward to the Worm Show at each meeting. However, Curtis and I have found that it has become too much for us to manage in its current form. We do not think that ending the shows is the answer, so we turn to the community for ideas.

For example, a 'Worm Video Show' might work. Multiple community contributions could be shown, and prizes would be awarded for the top three, similar to the Art Show, or even as a part of a merged Art/Worm Show. We would be happy to manage getting the videos together and to play hosts. Success depends strongly on getting contributions in a timely manner. If we found ourselves with only a few videos totaling less than 15 minutes in the days leading up to a meeting, we would not have much of a show, and it would really be too late to do much about it, unless we wanted to replay some older videos to fill time. Our experience with this suggests we could get between 10-30 minutes of contributions. Would prizes motivate people enough to contribute more?

An alternative model is that a particular lab (or group of labs/PIs) takes on the role of putting together a worm show at a particular meeting. This would spread the workload around from meeting to meeting. In this arrangement, fresh ideas would emerge, and a show of some length would be much more likely to occur. However, it requires the right kind of adventurous PI(s) and lab(s) to do the work. This model does not rule out community contributions, so perhaps a hybrid model could work.

What does the community think? Please let us know (

Morris & Curtis

What is the Worm Show?

The "Worm Show" is a comedy/variety presentation that took place at the biennial International C. elegans Meetings from 2005-2015. Presented by Curtis Loer (University of San Diego) and Morris Maduro (UC Riverside), it featured many types of jokes, from simple Powerpoint-based gags like Top Ten Lists, to elaborate videos that poke fun at the kinds of things C. elegans researchers and scientists/academics have to deal with. In 2011, the show added on-site interviews and videos made of people at the meeting. In 2013 and 2015, the show also featured submitted material (videos and images) from the C. elegans community. It is not known if there will be a 2017 show.

Worm Show 2015
Worm Show 2015
Worm Show 2015
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Worm Show 2013
Worm Show 2013
Information about the 2013 Show

Worm Show 2011
Worm Show 2011
Information about the 2011 Show

Worm Show 2009
Worm Show 2009

Information about the 2009 Show

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