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          Of Significance for The Americas 1



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<A words>

Aarhus, Denmark

Acton, Massachusetts

Adams Lake, British Columbia



Alto Chicana, Peru

Alto de Guitarra, Moche, Peru

Anasazi panels, Uah

Anubis Cave, Oklahoma

Apache Well, New Mexico


Atacama Desert, Chile

Atlatl Rock, Nevada

Ayers Rock pictographs, California


<B words>

Baca, Sweden

Baile-Chladaich, Scotland

Baja California

Bartlett, New Hampshire

Basque inscription (600 BC), PA

Basque inscriptions, Portugal

Basque inscriptions, Spain

Belfast petroglyphs, California

Berroes Dist., Portugal

Bison sculpture, Massachusetts

Black Canyon, California

Black Rock Desert, Utah

Blythe Geoglyphs, California

Boca Negra Canyon, New Mexico

Bohuslän, Sweden


Bow & Arrow petroglyph, NH


British Columbia


Broad Canyon, New Mexico

Buckhorn Wash, California

Burnt Hill, Massachusetts

Burro Flats, California

Burrows Cave, Illinois

Butte County, California


<C words>


Camden, Maine


Canal Flats, British Columbia

Cane Springs, Nevada

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

Canyonlands, Utah

Caribbean Area

Carrazeda, Portugal

Castillo de Olarizu, Spain

Castle Garden, Wyoming

Catalina de Guines, Cuba

Celtic coins, Spain

Central America

Ceredo petroglyph, West Virginia

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Cherokee, California ogam inscription

Chicana, Peru


China Lake, California

Chuavillanqui, Peru

Churchill Co., Nevada

Clark Co., Nevada

Cocoroque Butt, Arizona


Comfrey, Minnesota

Concord, Massachusetts


Corn Springs, California

Coso petroglyphs, California

Cottonwood County, Minnesota

Cottonwood Spring, New Mexico

County Louth, Ireland

Court of Antiquity petroglyphs, Nevada

Crow Island, Maine


Cueva Ambrosio, Cuba

Cueva del Ratón, Baja California

Cueva Gargia Bobieu, Cuba

Cueva Pintada, Baja California


<D words>

Deer Isle, Maine


dinosaur figure, Utah

Dinosaur Natl. Mon., Colorado

Dinosaur Natl. Mon., Utah

Dinwood, Wyoming

Druids' Chair, Massachusetts

Dry Fork Canyon, Vernal, Utah

Dryden, Texas

Dunphy, Nevada


<E words>

Easter Island, Chile

East Fork, Ohio earthworks

East Walker River, Nevada


El Cajón del Valle, Baja California

El Moro, New Mexico

El Parral, Baja California

Emery County, Utah

Essex, Massachusetts

Eureka Co., Nevada



<F words>

Fallon, Nevada (map)

Fisk-Wabasha petroglyphs, Minnesota

Fonte Grande Canyon, Brazil

Frying Pan Canyon, New Mexico


<G words>

Garfield Flat, Nevada

Gay Head, Massachusetts


Ginkgo Petrified Forest, Washington

Girls' Puberty Rock, California

Gloucester, Massachusetts

Gottschall, Wisconsin

Grand County, Utah

Grand Lake, Maine

Grand Traverse, Michigan

Grave Creek, West Virginia

Great Spirit petroglyphs, California

Grimes, Nevada

Gungywamp, Connecticut


<H words>

Hampton, Massachusetts

Hanukkiah, Ohio Earthworks

Hart Mountain, Oregon


Hebrew inscription, Connecticut

Hjulatorp, Sweden

Holliston Mills, Tennessee

Horse Creek, West, Virginia

Horseshoe Canyon, West Virginia

Hudson Strait, Quebec

<I words>

Iberian-Phoenician script, Denmark



Imperial County, California

Indian Cave, Nebraska

Inscription Canyon, California

Inyo County, California

Iowa County, Wisconsin


Irish Monk ogam, West Virginia


<J words>

Jefferson, New Hampshire


<K words>

Kensington, Minnesota


Kerdef, Brittany

Kern County, California

Kerouezel, Brittany

Kent, Connecticut

King's Trail, Hawaii

Kirchspiel Askum, Germany

Kona Coast, Hawaii


<L words>

Lagomarsino, Nevada

Lake Jocassee, South Carolina

Lake Lujenda, Minnesota

Lake Nicaragua stone seat

Lander Co., Nevada

Lassen County, California

Lawrence, Massachusetts

Lillocet, British Columbia

Lincoln Co., Nevada

Los Lunas, New Mexico

Lower Pecos River, Texas

Lynn, Massachusetts

Lyon Co., Nevada


<M words>


Maps (California)

Maps of Nevada

Marquette County, Wisconsin

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts


Massacre Lake, Nevada

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Medenet Habu, Egypt

Merrimack River, Massachusetts


Meyers Springs, Dryden, Texas


Middleboro, Massachusetts

Milford, Ohio earthworks

Milk River, Alberta

Mimbres River, New Mexico

Mineral Co., Nevada


Misc Sites, Minnesota

Misc. Counties, California

Misc. Sites Massachusetts

Misc. Sites, British Columbia

Misc. Sites, Denmark

Misc. Sites, New Hampshire

Misc. Sites, Peru

Misc. Sites, Portugal

Misc. Sites, Saskatchewan

Misc. Sites, Spain

Misc. Sites, Sweden

Misc. Sites, Tennessee

Misc. Sites, West Virginia

Moab, Utah

Moche, Peru

Mockingbird Canyon, California

Modoc County, California

Mogollon Rim area, New Mexico

Molly Fisher Rock, Connecticut

Moneta, Wyoming

Mono County, California

Moundsville, West Virginia

Mouse's Tank, Nevada

Mule Canyon geoglyphs, California

Mule Tank, California

Mullelrup Mose, Denmark

Mystery Hill, New Hampshire


<N words>

Natural Bridges Natl. Mon., Utah

Nazca-like lines, Alaska

NCRA Stone, Massachusetts

Nearon Stone, Massachusetts



New Hampshire

New Mexico

New Preston, Connecticut

Newspaper Rock, New Mexico

New York


Norse battle-axe, Massachusetts

North Africa

North America

North Salem, New Hampshire

North Salem, New York

Norwell, Massachusetts


<O words>

Observatory Hill, Wisconsin

Ogam inscription, West Virginia


Ohio Keystone


Oklahoma Panhandle

Olsen Canyon, California

Olympic Peninsula, Washington



Orkney Islands

Owasco, New York

Ozette, Washington


<P words>

Painted Rock petroglyphs, California

Painted Rock, Arizona

Palatki, Arizona

Panther Cave, Texas



Peterborough, Ontario

Petrified Forest Natl. Park

Petroglyph Canyon, New Mexico

Petroglyph State Park, New Mexico

Petroglyphs Point, California

Picket Wire Canyon, Colorado

Pictish broch, Scotland

Picture Rocks, Arizona

Piedmont Plateau, South Carolina

Pipe Spring, Lincoln, Nevada

Pipe Spring, Washoe, Nevada

Placer County, California

Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania

Pony Hills, New Mexico


Potash Road petroglyphs, Alaska

Potts Cave, Nevada

Proleek, Ireland

Puerto Rico

Punta Hicaros, Cuba

Puye, New Mexico


<Q words>



<R words>

Rainbow cave, Wisconsin

Ramona Maze, California

Rancho Bernardo Style, California

Rattlesnake Canyon, Texas

Rawhide Flats, Nevada (map)

Red Mountain Spring petroglyphs, California

Reef Bay, Virgin Islands

Rhode Island

Riacho Largo Canyon, Brazil

Río Balanco, Puerto Rico

Riverside County, California

Rochester Creek, Utah

Rock Creek petroglyphs, California

Rock Creek, Canyonlands, Utah

Rock Springs, Wyoming

Rocky Neck, Massachusetts

Rune Stone, Minnesota


<S words>

Safe Harbor, Pennsylvania

Samlac, Michigan

San Bernardino County, California

San Juan County, Utah

San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico

San Juan Swell, Utah

San Luis Rey Style, California

San Telmo, Spain



Searsmont, Maine

Sego Canyon, Utah

Serpent Mound, West Virginia

Seven-mile Canyon, Utah

Shutesbury, Massachusetts

Sierra de San Francisco, Baja Calif.

Signal Hill, Arizona

Simpson Pass, Nevada

Slippery Rock petroglyphs, California

Smith Valley, Nevada

Snake River area, Idaho

Snapp's Bridge, Tennessee

South America

South Carolina


Spanish Springs, Nevada

Spring Shelter pictographs, California

St. Victor, Saskatchewan

Steam Wells petroglyphs, California

stick figure, California

Storey Co., Nevada

Summer Lake, Oregon

Sun Park, New Mexico

Supernova AD 1054, Baja California

Superstition Mt., Arizona

Surprise Tank, California

Susquehana Valley, Pennsylvania

Sutherland Wash, Arizona

Sutton, Massachusetts


Symbol Rock, Rhode Island


<T words>

Taino petroglyph, Puerto Rico


Terrell County, Texas


The Great Gallery, Utah

Thermopolis, Wyoming

Three Rivers, New Mexico

Toca da Serrinha, Brazil

Toca de Egidio, Brazil

Toca dos Búzios, Brazil

Trelleborg, Sweden

Tsankawi, New Mexico

Tulare County, California

Tule Lake, California

Twin Sisters Creek, New Mexico


<U words>

United States

Upper Smoke Creek, California

Upton, Massachusetts



<V words>

Val Verde County

Valley of Fire, Nevada

Vannes, Brittany

Vantage, Washington

V-Bar-B petroglyphs, Arizona

Verde Valley, Arizona

Verdi, Nevada

Vermillion, Colorado

Vernal, Utah

Vernon, British Columbia

Virgin Islands


<W words>

Waileoloa, Hawaii


Washoe Co., Nevada

West Virginia

Westport, Massachusetts

Whisky Flat, Nevada

White Sands Natl. Mon, New Mexico

Wildcat Branch, West Virginia

Winter Shelter pictograph, California




<X words>


<Y words>

Yates County, New York

Yuha, California


<Z words>

Zuni, New Mexico