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HYMENOPTERA, Mymarommatidae (= Callimomidae) (Mymarommatoidea)


                                                                         (or Serphitoidea) (= Callimomidae) <Adults> & <Juveniles>




        Mymarommatidae (= Callimomidae)  This is a very small family of tiny insects. Only 10 living species in 1 genus have been described with others being known only as fossils.  They had occurred worldwide. So that  more are certain to be found.  Nevertheless, they they are easily missed and difficult to study because of their small size of only 0.32 mm. long.


          Little is known about the biology of these insects but because of their size, and simple ovipositor, it is thought that they are parasitoids on the eggs of other insects. They were originally placed as a subfamily of the chalcidoid family Mymaridae but, because of morphological differences, are now considered in their own superfamily, Mymarommatoidea, and their similarity to Mymaridae is probably a case of convergent evolution.


          There is no agreement as to the nearest living relatives of the Mymarommatidae.  It haas been suggested that nearest relatives are the extinct family Serphitidae, and thus the Mymarommatidae could be considered as "living fossils", a surviving lineage of an extinct superfamily Serphitoidea.


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