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FOOTNOTES (Mycology)


Eumycophyta (True Fungi):


Inspiration for the development of Mycology developed from years of exposure to the fungi and their relatives at the following: (1) Wilson College, Chicago, Illinois, (2) The University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, (3) Texas A. & M. University, Kingsville, Texas, (4) Utah State University, Logan, Utah, and (5) The University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Emphasis is on morphological and behavioral characteristics, and a simple diagrammatic style is used for most of the illustrations. Drawings in this section were made from observations of preserved and living material. In addition some drawings have been added from various illustrated publications as noted. The bibliographies include many classical works and cross-references. This site is for educational purposes, and quotations should include cited references when available. Comments and suggestions are gratefully welcomed.