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   Families in Green color                                                                                                                   Zoraptera Details


Pteragota:  Paurometabola


    Zorotypidae (Only 1 family)

      Genera (examples):

        Palaeospinosus hudae Kaddumi

        Zorotypus acanthothorax Engel & Grimaldi
        Zorotypus amazonensis Rafael & Engel
        Zorotypus barberi Gurney
        Zorotypus brasiliensis Silvestri
        Zorotypus buxtoni Karny
        Zorotypus caudelli Karny
        Zorotypus ceylonicus Silvestri
        Zorotypus congensis Ryn-Tournel
        Zorotypus cramptoni Gurney
        Zorotypus cretatus Engel & Grimaldi

        Zorotypus delamarei Paulian
       Zorotypus goeleti Engel & Grimaldi





    Zorotypus guineensis Silvestri
    Zorotypus gurneyi Choe
    Zorotypus hamiltoni New
    Zorotypus hubbardi Caudell
    Zorotypus huxleyi Bolivar & Coronado
    Zorotypus javanicus Silvestri
    Zorotypus juninensis Engel
    Zorotypus lawrencei New
    Zorotypus leleupi Weidner
    Zorotypus longicercatus Caudell

    Zorotypus manni Caudell

    Zorotypus medoensis Hwang

    Zorotypus mexicanus Bolivar

    Zorotypus nascimbenei Engel & Grimaldi
    Zorotypus neotropicus Silvestri


    Zorotypus newi (Chao & Chen)
    Zorotypus philippinensis Gurney
    Zorotypus shannoni Gurney
    Zorotypus silvestrii Karny
    Zorotypus sinensis Hwang
    Zorotypus snyderi Caudell
    Zorotypus swezeyi Caudell
    Zorotypus weidneri New
    Zorotypus vinsoni Paulian
    Zorotypus zimmermani Gurney


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NOTE:  In the single family declared for this order, 38 genera

                have been located in the literature.


Details of Insect Taxonomic Groups


          Examples of beneficial species occur in almost every insect order, and considerable information on morphology and habits has been assembled.  Therefore, the principal groups of insect parasitoids and predators provide details that refer to the entire class Insecta.  These details are available at <taxnames.htm>.