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          Families in Green color                                                                                                                                   Neuroptera Details


Insecta:  Holometabola




    Suborder:  Myrmeleontiformia

        Permithonidae (extinct)

        Prohemerobiidae (extinct)


        Grammosmylidae (fossil)


    Suborder:  Hemerobiiformia

        Osmylitidae (fossil, probably paraphyletic)


      Superfamily:  Ithonioidea

        Ithonidae: moth lacewings (includes Rapismatidae)

        Polystoechotidae: giant lacewings (formerly in Hemerobioidea)


      Superfamily:  Osmyloidea

        Osmylidae: osmylids

        Chrysopidae: green lacewings, stinkflies (formerly in

             Hemerobioidea, tentatively placed here)


      Superfamily:  Hemerobioidea

        Hemerobiidae: brown lacewings


      Superfamily:  Coniopterygoidea

        Coniopterygidae: dustywings

        Sisyridae: spongillaflies (formerly in Osmyloidea)




    Superfamily:  Mantispoidea

      Dilaridae: pleasing lacewings (formerly in Hemerobioidea)

      Mantispidae: mantidflies

      Mesithonidae (extinct)

      Rhachiberothidae: thorny lacewings

      Berothidae: beaded lacewings


  Suborder:  Myrmeleontiformia

     Superfamily:  Nemopteroidea

       Kalligrammatidae (fossil)

       Psychopsidae: silky lacewings (formerly in Hemerobioidea)

       Nemopteridae: spoonwings, spoon-winged laceflies, thread-winged

           laceflies (formerly in Myrmeleontoidea)


     Superfamily:  Myrmeleontoidea

       Osmylopsychopidae (extinct)

       Nymphitidae (extinct)

       Solenoptilidae (extinct)

       Brogniartiellidae (fossil)

       Nymphidae: split-footed lacewings (Incl. Myiodactylidae)

       Babinskaiidae (extinct)

       Myrmeleontidae: antlions (Incl. Palaeoleontidae)

       Ascalaphidae: owlflies, ascalaphids


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Details of Insect Taxonomic Groups


          Examples of beneficial species occur in almost every insect order, and considerable information on morphology and habits has been assembled.  Therefore, the principal groups of insect parasitoids and predators provide details that refer to the entire class Insecta.  These details are available at <taxnames.htm>.