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Grapholitha molesta (Busck) -- Olethreutidae




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The oriental fruitmoth was investigated for biological control during 1920-1930 in North America, in France and Australia in 1931-1932 and Japan and Korea in 1932-1933 (Clausen 1978).  Macrocentrus ancylivorous Roher, native to the northeastern United States, was imported in Canada, which reportedly resulted in establishment and population suppression in some areas (LeRoux 1971).  Parasitoids imported to California and the eastern United States from Japan and Korea in the 1930's were Diadegma molestae (Uchida), gave mixed results.  Phanerotoma molestae Muesebeck and Agathis diversa Muesebeck were imported from northern China in 1950, but neither species was established (Clausen 1978).  Macrocentrus ancylivorous was introduced into California and became established, providing excellent control of this moth and other closely related Lepidoptera (Finney et al. 1947).  This parasitoid was later introduced into other countries, such as Argentina, where it established (Clausen 1978).  Considerable tolerance to pesticides seems to have developed in M. ancylivorous (Dustan & Boyce 1966). 


For greater detail on the biological control effort and biologies of host and natural enemies, please refer also to the following (Fink 1926, Driggers 1930, 1941; van Steenburgh 1931, Garman & Bingham 1933, Grandi 1933, Haeussler 1933, 1932, 1940; Daniel 1932, 1936a,b; Pepper & Driggers 1934, Haden 1935, Lopez-Cristobal 1935, Neiswander 1936, van Steenburgh & Boyce 1938, Helson 1939, 1947; Allen et al. 1940, Brunson 1940, Carrion 1940, Brunson & Allen 1944, 1954; Smith 1945, Boyce 1947, Boyce & Dustan 1958, Turica 1960, Wilson 1960, Turnbull & Chant 1961, Allen 1962, McLeod 1962, Crouzel 1963, Putnam 1963, Croft & AliNiazee 1999).



REFERENCES:     For additional references, please also refer to    MELVYL Library

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