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Nipaecoccus virdis (Maskell) -- Pseudococcidae

[Also named Nipaecoccus vastator (Maskell)]




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In Egypt the Lebbeck Mealybug was particularly destructive to the Lebbeck tree, Albizia lebbeck, although other species of ornamental plants are attacked.  During 1933-1939 two encyrtid parasitoids, Anagyrus aegyptiacus Moursi and Leptomastix phenacocci Compere were introduced from Java and established.  Parasitization levels soared to 98%, providing complete biological control, so that it was difficult to find the host (Clausen 1978, Dahlsten & Hall 1999).  Please also see the following for details of the biological control effort and biologies of host and natural enemies (Willcocks 1910, Kränzlin 1913, Fullaway 1923, Hall 1927, Swezey 1933, Moursi 1948a,b; Zimmerman 1948, Ferris 1950, Kamal 1951).



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