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Lantana camara L. -- Verbenaceae




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Koebele explored the jungles of southern Mexico during 1902 for insects feeding on lantana (Lantana camara L., Verbenaceae).  Lantana was an ornamental plant of Central and South American origins that had escaped from cultivation to become a serious pest in Hawaii.  Koebele shipped 23 species of insects to Hawaii (Goeden 1978).  Koebele suffered problems of extreme temperatures, unscheduled shipping delays, pathogens and other contaminants (Perkins & Swezey 1924).  Upon their arrival by ship in 1903, the insects Koebele collected were liberated directly on lantana plants in the field without host specificity tests.  Eight species, including some of the most effective natural enemies of lantana, were reported established on this plant throughout the islands by 1905 (Andrés & Goeden 1971, Goeden 1978, Julien 1982).


Procedures for exploration of natural enemies of an alien plant in its country or countries of origin were pioneered in the lantana project.  The lantana seed fly, Ophiomyia lantanae (Froggatt) (Diptera: Agromyzidae), was transferred from Hawaii to New Caledonia in 1908-1909 and to Fiji in 1911 (Rao et al. 1971).  These shipments marked the beginnings of a tradition of transfer projects (DeBach 1964), involving biological control agents of proven worth to other countries with the same noxious plants.  Three more species of lantana insects were then transferred from Hawaii to Fiji during 1922-1928 (Rao et al. 1971).


             In California it has been grown since the 1950's in a number of varieties as an attractive landscape plant that is resistant to drought and low temperatures.


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