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Pseudococcus sp. Green -- Pseudococcidae





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First found in Israel in 1937, green's mealybug has spread from its presumed origin in East Asia to Hawaii, Paraguay and Brazil (Rivnay 1968, Kennett et al. 1999).  Bodenheimer (1951) verified it as a distinct species and not related to Psuedococcus comstocki (Kuwana).  Rivnay (1968) found Green's mealybug to be attacked by many predators and parasitoids in Israel during 1939-40, some of which also are known to attack citrus mealybug.  However, none of these produced acceptable biological control.  Before Green's mealybug was definitely known as a separate species, parasitoids were obtained from Japan from P. comstocki (Kennett et al. 1999).  Clausenia purpurea Ishii and Allotropa burrelli Muesebeck were numerous in the shipments (Rivnay 1942).  Although A. burrelli did not reproduce on P. citriculus, C. purpurea did rear satisfactorily and became readily established.  Rivnay (1946) considered that although several local parasitoids were highly competitive, C. purpurea became the dominant species.  However Bodenheimer (1951) believed that of the natural enemies, Scymnus spp., Clausenia, Leptomastidea, Leptomastix, and Anagyrus, actually were satisfactory and that biological control would have resulted even without the introduction of C. purpurea.   Nevertheless, Rosen (1967) and DeBach (1974) concluded that C. purpurea was the only parasitoid responsible for the complete control of P. citriculus.


For greater details pertaining to the biological control efforts, and biologies of host and natural enemies, please see the following (Bodenheimer 1928, Goncalves 1940, Klein & Perzelan 1940, Mason 1941, 1943; Rivnay & Perzelan 1943, Clancy 1944, Haeussler & Clancy 1944, Flanders 1959, Murakami et al. 1967).



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