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Lecanium corni (Bouche) -- Coccidae





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A scale complex called the European fruit lecanium, Lecanium corni (Bouche), began to cause severe injury to ornamental and fruit trees on Mackinac Island, Michigan in the 1970's.  Heavily infested trees showed dieback and a loss of vigor.  Honeydew deposited by the scales became a nuisance in the towns, and subsequent sooty mold growth damaged property.  The scale epizootic was attributed to a destruction of natural enemies by weekly applications of dimethoate for fly control (Merritt et al. 1983).  The development of an IPM program for flies was followed by a great reduction in dimethoate treatments which was followed by a noticeable decline in L. corni densities.  Two years later honeydew deposition was also greatly reduced (Merritt et al. 1983, Dahlsten & Hall 1999).


For additional details on biologies of natural enemies, host and biological control, please refer to the following (Essig 1934, Ebeling 1938, Fenton 1940, Suter 1950, McLeod 1954).



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