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Ceroplastes destructor Newstead -- Coccidae





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This scale is a pest of citrus in the states of New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, but has also been found in New Zealand and occurs through East and South Africa where it is believed to be native.  Biological control attempts in Australia were begun in the 1930's with the importation of 25 species of parasitoids that were collected from Ceroplastes spp. in Kenya and Uganda (Gurney 1936, Ebeling 1959, Wilson 1960).  Although Diversinervus elegans, Scutellista cyanea and Bothriophryne ceroplastae Compere were reared on C. destructor, only B. ceroplastae and S. cyanea were established.  Work in 1968-73 resulted in the establishment of Anicetus communis Annecke and Paraceraptocerus nyasicus Compere, which contributed most to biological control (Sands et al. 1986).  Milne (1981) reported complete suppression of C. destructor by A. communis primarily.  Kennett et al. (1999) point out that the eventual outcome of this project demonstrated that successful biological control most often lies in securing natural enemies that attack the target pest in its known area of origin.



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