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Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) -- Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)




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Sweetpotato whitefly is a pest of many kinds of field crops in tropical and subtropical areas of the world (Anonymous 1986).  In 1990 an outbreak of this pest occurred in southeastern California especially on cotton and vegetable crops.  This whitefly is known to vector plant viruses (Costa 1976) and causes growth disorders of plants (Hoelmer et al. 1991, Schuster et al. 1990, 1991; Yokomi et al. 1990).  It was reported as early as 1894 from the United States by Russell (1975), but rarely was problematic until around 1981 in the southwestern United States (Johnson et al. 1982) and Florida in 1986 (Hamon & Salguero 1987).  It is unclear if its recent problem status in California and Arizona is due to pesticide resistance, a destruction of natural enemies or an invasion of a new biotype from Mexico and Florida. 


As of 1999 there has been no concentrated effort to import natural enemies against the sweetpotato whitefly; but if the problem persists, some effort in classical biological control will certainly be made.


The following references include some related species of whiteflies which may afford information on biological and other means of control.



REFERENCES:         [Additional references may be found at:   MELVYL Library ]



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