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Cordia macrostachya (Jacquin) Romer & Schultes-- Boraginaceae



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A successful project was begun near the end of World War II on black sage, Cordia macrostachya (Jacquin) Roemer & Schultes, an introduced plant pest in sugarcane fields on the island of Mauritius.  Preliminary surveys of the insect fauna of black sage and related plant species were conducted in the West Indies during 1944-46.  Following detailed life history studies and host specificity tests, the leaf beetle, Metrogaleruca obscura DeGeer was introduced to Mauritius from Trinidad in 1947 (Simmonds 1950).  The beetle populations multiplied rapidly and by 1950 had spread over the entire island, causing heavy defoliation, which killed or weakened plants so that they were replaced by competing plant species.  A seed feeding wasp Eurytoma attiva Burks also was introduced in 1959-50 (Williams 1960).  Defoliation and seed destruction by these introduced insects have continued to prevent the regeneration of black sage (Simmonds 1967, Goeden 1978, Julien 1982, Goeden & Andrés 1999) (also see Wiehe 1946, 1960; Maulik 1947, Williams 1950, 1951, 1954; Simmonds 1948, 1949a,b; 1950, 1958; Moutia 1947, 1948; Callan 1948, Anonymous 1960).



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