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Acizzia uncatoides (Ferris & Klyver)--Homoptera,  Psyllidae




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            First discovered in California in 1955, the acacia psyllid increased its abundance on roadside acacias by 1971 to a level where the California Department of Transportation contracted the Division of Biological Control, University of California, Berkeley for assistance (Pinnock et al. 1978, Dahlsten & Hall 1999).  Explorations for natural enemies were begun in the native home of the pysllid in Australia.  Four coccinellids, a green lacewing (Chrysopa sp., dispar group), and two parasitoids were found in the state of Victoria and sent to California.  Thousands of these natural enemies were reared and released throughout California (Dahlsten & Hall 1999).


            One coccinellid, Diomus pumilio Weise, and egg predators, became well established resulting in significant reductions of the acacia psyllid (Pinnock et al. 1978).  Dahlsten and Hall (1999) reported that the acacia psyllid remains under good control in California, but that there are no publications referring to the project.  They also point out that one interesting aspect of the project was that an exotic coccinellid species, Harmonia conformis (Boisduval), that was brought into California did not become established.  However, when introduced to Hawaii from California, H. conformis controlled the psyllid in the koa tree forests (Pinnock et al. 1978).  Diomus pumilio which did well in California did not control the psyllid in Hawaii, showing the apparent importance of environment on establishment. 



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