Veronica Benet-Martinez

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

Ph.D., University of California at Davis, 1996


I am interested I the following questions: How do culture and ethnicity shape our identities and personalities? As people of varying cultures and ethnicities, how are we different and how are we alike? How do individuals who have internalized more than one culture develop a cohesive multicultural identity? How is culture (re)created and enacted in people's everyday activities?

I approach each of these questions with the hope of enhancing society's understanding of and appreciation for human variation across cultures, bringing awareness to the different ways in which culture and human psyche mutually constitute each other, and promoting the value of these ideas for a healthy and diverse society. Although my discipline is personality psychology, my perspective has been shaped by multiple and distinct intellectual traditions, including cultural and social psychology, ethnic studies, and anthropology.

My research program has three main lines of inquiry: (1) Biculturalism: Contextual and individual processes involved in the integration of two or more cultural identities; (2) Culture and personality structure: Identification and measurement of indigenous and universal personality constructs; and (3) Culture and social symbols: How cultural meaning is carried and institutionalized by everyday social tools (e.g., flags, advertisements).



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