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Current Bigger Initiatives

(1) Dedekind's Philosophy of Mathematics:

During the last few years, I have been working towards a monograph on Richard Dedekind's philosophy of mathematics in which I intend to establish its continuing relevance; see my Dedekind Website.

(2) Southern California History and Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics Group:

On my initiative, and in collaboration with scholars from UC Irvine and UC San Diego, the SoCal HPLM Group was formed in 2009, thus adding to the already very lively philosophical community in the area.

(3) Orange County & Inland Empire Group in History and Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic:

In September 2017, I was among several scholars, from Chapman University, Claremont College, UC Riverside, and CS San Bernardino, who formed the OCIE-HPML Group, which also organizers talks in the area.

(4) The Variety of Styles in Mathematics:

With Georg Schiemer (Univ. of Vienna), I have started a new research project on the notion of style in mathematics. This is related to discussions of the notion of reasoning style, or style of knowing, in science.

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