Identification of Freeliving Nematodes (Secernentea)



This workshop provides a detailed introduction to secernentean taxonomy. It is aimed at researchers and students active in a range of disciplines such as soil ecology, biocontrol, nematode taxonomy and phylogeny, evolutionary parasitology or development and genetics of C. elegans and other nematode research models. A primary goal is the identification to genus level of species from the suborders Cephalobina, Rhabditina and Diplogastrina, and differentiation from easily confused outgroups. A five-head microscope and video capture equipment will be central to developing hands-on experience in recognizing diagnostic characteristics. Other topics covered include simple techniques for extraction and preparation of freeliving nematodes; relevant morphological characteristics and terminology; outline classification of higher categories, with an update on recent taxonomic and phylogenetic developments; and brief ecological characterization of the main families.

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August 11-15 2003

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