Classification of triplonchids, based on a combination of molecular phylogenies with prior morphological systems

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    Suborder Diphtherophorina

        Superfamily Diphtherophoroidea
            Family Diphtherophoridae
            Family Trichodoridae
               Genus Paratrichodorus

    Suborder Tobrilina

        Superfamily Tobriloidea
            Family Pandolaimidae
            Family Rhabdodemaniidae
            Family Triodontolaimidae
            Family Tobrilidae 

       Superfamily Prismatolaimoidea
            Family Prismatolaimidae 

   Suborder Tripylina

        Superfamily Tripyloidea
            Family Onchulidae
            Family Tripylidae

This classification is based on the following publications:

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