The 2015 Worm Show

The 2015 Worm Show needs you!

For five International Worm Meetings, Curtis Loer and Morris Maduro have been presenting the Worm Show. We got some great videos for 2013. For 2015, we are extending the same invitation for submissions!

Please try to get us materials before the end of May, 2015. For more information, please email Morris:

Some ideas:

Images - funny powerpoint slides, Photoshopped images, memes, movie posters

Jokes - One- and two-liners, funny observations about life as a (worm) scientist, puns, funny definitions

Videos - short (amusing) worm videos, music videos, parody commercials, movie previews, animations

Live performance - a short song and/or dance, original talent, magic tricks

Some guidelines:

  1. No making fun of specific individuals in a way that would hurt their feelings.
  2. Keep it family-friendly.
  3. Submissions should be in English or have English subtitles.
  4. No really obscure inside jokes. We want to appeal to a global audience.
  5. Try to avoid using copyrighted material. It will make it harder to post on YouTube later.
  6. If you record a video, use the best video recorder you have access to, and a good microphone if possible. Render your edited video in 1280x720 in mp4/AVC format if possible. If you do not have a separate microphone (e.g. if you are using an iPhone or iPad) we suggest re-dubbing the vocals. You can upload original digital files to a web server such as Dropbox. We would really like to have videos within a month before the meeting if possible. (We can do some minimal editing if needed.)
  7. If you propose a stage act, keep it shorter than five minutes. We are especially interested in original musical compositions or other types of performances. Maybe an interpretive dance?
  8. We would really like to know what you have in mind. You could upload video of yourselves to YouTube under an unlisted link.
  9. The more original, the better. For example, we already used JibJab "starring you" in 2009 (the Nobel Laureate Chippendales). We already did a lot of Top 10 lists, fake talks, etc.
  10. Even a single funny Powerpoint slide, joke or picture is welcome. We can deliver your punch lines for you if you don't want to be up there.
  11. You do not have to attend the meeting for us to use your material. Your contribution will still be part of the show and posted on YouTube afterwards.

You can look back at the previous Worm Shows here:

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