Time Lapse of GFP::POP-1
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This time-lapse movie shows confocal image stacks of med-1::GFP::POP-1 signal from the E2MS2 to E4MS8 stages. The sequence pauses at the following events:

  • Contrast enhancement to show higher cytoplasmic levels in MSp, Ep
  • Equal cytoplasmic signal in mitotic MS daughters
  • Asymmetry in MS granddaughters shortly after birth
  • Coalescence of anterior-specific puncta by mid-interphase
  • Reduction in anterior levels before mitosis
  • Asymmetry in E4 in early interphase
  • Symmetry in late interphase E4

Abstract Paper


Maduro MF, Lin R, Rothman JH. (2002).
Dynamics of a developmental switch: recursive intracellular and intranuclear redistribution of Caenorhabditis elegans POP-1 parallels Wnt-inhibited transcriptional repression.
Developmental Biology 248: 128-142.