Previous Maduro Lab Group Pictures

Lab Jan 2011
January, 2011
Left to right: Jing, Yuanyuan, Stephanie (collaborators in Ding Lab), Shruthi, Heather, Sarah
Not shown: Morris, Gina, Leila, Zhihuan, Ed

Nov 2010
November 2010
Left to right:Shruthi, Heather, Melissa (okay, she graduated already), Leila
Not shown: Morris, Gina and Collaborators Zhihuan, Stephanie, Yuanyuan

Dec 2009
December 2009
Left to right: Bob, Morris, Melissa, Heather, Gina
Not shown: Leila, Zhihuan

Maduro Lab 2007
March 2007
Left to right: Melissa, Gina, Wendy, Morris, George, Katy, Randy, Frank (Katy's Husband)
Not shown: Serena, Shannon, Samer

August 2006
Left to right: Wendy, Randy, Katy, George, Serena, Gina, Morris, Samer

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