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                                                                  SPECIAL REFERENCES


<bcdipt.ref.htm> -------- Biological Control of Synanthropic Diptera

<bc-50.ref.htm> ---------Biological Control Using Pathogens

<bc-59.ref.htm> ---------Biological Control in Australasia

<bc-61.ref.htm> ---------Biological Control in the Ethiopian Region

<bc-62b.ref.htm> --------Biological Control in India

<bc-64.ref.htm> ----- ---Biological Control in Japan

<bc-66.ref.htm> ----- ---Biological Control in the Neotropics

<bc-71.ref.htm> ----- ---Population Dynamics

<bc-73.ref.htm> ----- ---Experimental Techniques to Evaluate Natural Enemies

<chalcido.ref.htm> ----- References to Chalcidoidea

<fly-par.ref.htm> -----   Key to Adults of Principal Parasitoids of Synanthropic Diptera

<guidetxt.1.htm> ------- Guide to Insect Families with Predatory & Parasitic Species

<medvet.ref.htm> ------ Biological Control of Medical & Veterinary Pests

<bc-30.ref.htm> -------- Culture of Hosts For Natural Enemies, Culture of Natural

<bc-34.ref.htm> -------- Biological Control in Forests

<bc-58b.ref.htm> ------- Biological Control in the Nearctic North of Mexico

<bc-60.ref.htm> -------- Biological Control in China

<bc-62.ref.htm> -------- Biological Control in Eurasia

<bc-63.ref.htm> -------- Biological Control in the Middle East

<bc-65.ref.htm> -------- Biological Control in Southeast Asia

<bc-67.ref.htm> -------- Biological Control in Pacific Islands

<bc-72.ref.htm> -------- Life Tables & Evaluations of Natural Enemies

<biology.ref.htm> ------ Key References on Biology of Parasitic & Predatory Insects

<entomoph.ref.htm> --- Clausen (1940/1962) update

<medfly.ref.htm> ------  Biological Control of Mediterranean fruitfly

<natenemy.ref.htm> --- Key references to Insect Natural Enemies