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Sacadodes pyralis Dyar

Sacciform Larva

Sagebrush, Grassland & Range biomes

Saissetia oleae (Bernard)

Saissetia oleae (natural enemy exploration)

Saldidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Salvinia molesta D. S. Mitchell

Salvinia, Salvinia molesta D. S. Mitchell

Sampling and Distribution

Sampling and Distribution (devices)

Sampling During Colonization Efforts

Sampling Routine

Sanitation (culture)

Sapygidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Sarcophagidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Sawflies (general)

Sawflies, (mostly phytophagous) <General Characteristics>

Scale Insects

Scarabaeidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Scatophagidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Scelionidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Scenopinidae <Habits>; Adults> & <Juveniles>

Schlinger, Everet I.

Schuster, M. F.


Scientific Names (plants)

Scientists (Biological Control)


Sclerogibbidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Scolebythidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Scoliidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Scolioidea <Overview>

Scope of Biological Control

Scope of Biological Noxious Plant Control


Scotland (Pictures)

Screening Natural Enemies

Scriven, Glenn

Sea People

Searching in Animals

Searching Outside the Native Range

Seasonal Forms & Diapause

Secondary Pests in Deciduous Orchards

Securing Natural Enemies in the Native Range


Selective Breeding & Progeny Number

Selective Breeding & Sex Ratio

Selective Breeding of Natural Enemies

Selective Formulation (pesticides)

Selective Pesticides

Selective Pesticides Van Driesche & Bellows

Selective Use of Pesticides

Selenaspidis articulatus (Morgan)


Semiochemicals (environmental management)

Semiochemicals (insect nutrition)

Senecio jacobaea L.

Sensitive Stages to Diapause

Sequencing (genomes)


Serphidae (Proctotrupidae) <Habits> <Adults>


Sesiidae (Biocontrol in Grapes)

Sespe Creek Insectary

Sex Determination (parasitoids)

Sex Intergrades

Sex Ratio (overview)

Sex Ratio (Theoretical Considerations)

Sex Ratios

Sex Regulation (facultative)

Sex Regulation Considerations

Sex-ratio Changes in Natural Enemy Culture

Shorey, Harry H.

Short Term Crops (dynamics)

Short-day forms

Short-Term Crops

Shrubs, Flowers, Vines

Sialidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Sierolomorphidae Habits Adults Juveniles

Sierra Ag Insectary

Signiphoridae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Silkworm Diseases

Silphidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>


Single age-class systems (competition).

Single age-class systems (Single Species)

Single Larval Parasitoid Importations

Single Pupal Parasitoid

Single Species (importance of)

Single Species Determining Abundance

Single Species & the Average Abundance

Single Species Populations


Siphonius phillyraea (Haliday)

Sirex noctilio F.

Sirex noctilio F. (forestry biocontrol)

Sisyridae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Size of  Biocontrol Research Effort

Slash & Burn

Sleeve cages (culture)

Smith, Harry S. (publications).

Smith, Harry Scott

Smith, Owen J.

Smith, Ray F.

Smoking & Chewing Products

Snails (Helix spp.)

Snails (general biocontrol)


Socio-Economics of Biological Control

Sodium hypochlorite (culture)

Soil and the Rhizosphere

Solitary Parasitism

Solitary Parasitoids

Son-killer Trait

Sources of Taxonomic Expertise

South & Central America Wildflowers

South Africa (Pictures)

South and East Asian Regional Section

South Carolina (Pictures)

South Dakota (Pictures)

Southeast Asia

Southern Green Stink Bug, Nezara viridula

Southern Green Stinkbug (enemy exploration)



Spain (Pictures)

Spalangia abenabooi Girault ?

Spalangia astuta Förster

Spalangia atherigonae Risbec

Spalangia cameroni Perkins

Spalangia drosophilae Ashmead

Spalangia endius Walker

Spalangia formicaria Kieffer

Spalangia gemina Bouek

Spalangia hirta Haliday

Spalangia homalaspis Förster

Spalangia hyaloptera Förster

Spalangia Latreille

Spalangia longepetiolata Bouek

Spalangia melanogastra Masi

Spalangia mors Girault ?

Spalangia muscae Howard

Spalangia muscarum Girault

Spalangia muscidarum Richardson

Spalangia muscidarum var. stomoxysiae Girault

Spalangia muscidarum var. texensis Girault

Spalangia nigra Latreille

Spalangia nigripes Curtis

Spalangia nigroaenea Curtis

Spalangia orientalis L. F. Graham

Spalangia philippinensis Fullaway

Spalangia rugosicollis Ashmead

Spalangia rugulosa Förster

Spalangia stomoxysiae Peck

Spalangia sundaica L. F. Graham

Spalangiinae <Habits>; <Adults> <Juveniles>

Spalding Laboratories


Spatial Complexity and Asynchrony

Spatial Distribution of Parasitoids

Special Reports

Special Research Groups & Integrated Control

Special Terms (Hyperparasitism, Autoparasitism,

    Multiple Parasitism, etc.)


Specializations in the Adult Head Structure

Specializations in Head Capsule of Immatures

Species For Biological Control in Cities & Towns

Specifications (for this text)

Specificity to Host Plant

Spermatheca and Spermathecal Gland

Spermathecae in Hymenoptera (types)


Sphecidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Sphecinae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Sphecoidea <Overvew>

Sphegigaster spp.

Spices and Other Flavoring Substances

Spider Mite Biocontrol in Glasshouses

Spiny Blackfly, Aleurocanthus spiniferus

Spiny Bollworms, Earias insulana, E. fabia, etc.

Spoor Effect

Spotted Alfalfa Aphid, Therioaphis trifolii


Stability of Insect Populations (examples)

Stage-frequency Analysis

Stalked egg

Staphylinidae (Identification)

Staphylinidae (Parasitoids of Diptera)

Staphylinidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Statistical Sampling

Steady Densities

Steady Density (populations)

Steady State (populations)

Steinernematid & Heterorhabitid Nematodes

Steinernematidae & Heterorhabditidae

Steinhaus, Edward

Steinhaus, Edward A. (publications)

Stelidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Stem Diseases (Antagonists)

Stenotritidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Stephanidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Stephenoidea <Overview>

Stictonotus insuetus Walker

Stigmaeidae (Acarina)

Stilbopterygidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles

Stilleto Effect

Stilpnus spp.

Stimulation in Population Dynamics & Ecology

Stizinae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Stomoxys spp.


Storeyinae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Strange Mortalities (Biocontrol Scientists)

Strategies in Forest Biological Control

Stratiomyiidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Strawberries (biocontrol)

Strepsiptera (General)

STREPSIPTERA <General> <Adults> Juveniles


Subtropical Orchards

Successes in Biological Control

Sucking lice

Sugarcane Beetle Borer, Rhabdoscelus obscurus

Sugarcane borer, Diatraea saccharalis (Fab.)

Sugarcane Leafhopper, Perkinsiella saccharicida Sugars, Starches & Cellulose Products

Suicides (of Biocontrol scientists)

Sumeria,  #2

Supella spp.

Superparasitism #1

Superparasitism #2

Suppliers of Biological Control Organisms

Suppression (Populations)

Sweden (Pictures)

Sweetbriar Development, Inc Insectary

Sweetpotato Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci

Swirski, E.

Switzerland (Pictures)

Symbovine Flies Medical/Veterinary Entomology

Sympherobiidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles

Synanthropic Diptera

Synanthropic Diptera (Biocontrol)

Synanthropic Diptera (Parasitoids)

Synanthropic Fly Parasitoids (Key)

Synovigenic Parasitoids

Synthetic Diets

Synthetic Diets in Natural Enemy Culture

Syrphidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>