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          Since the publication of the complementary research report on the apparent Roman head found in Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca, Mexico, this study has been discussed, criticized and acclaimed in many scholar and popular science journals, in at least sixteeen languages (among them are the prestigious New Scientist/UK/, 02/12/2000, pp. 7, Spektrum der Wissenschaft/Scientific American /Germany/, 04/04/2000, pp. 10, Sciences et Avenir/France/, 05/2000, pp. 14, Anthropology News /USA/, 04/2000, Archeologia Viva/Italy/, 05-06/2000, pp. 5,Illustrert Vitenskab/Denmark/, 06-07/2000, pp. 15). Articles about the research were published in many leading newspapers around the world (The Boston Globe, 02/10/2000, pp. A02 /USA/, The Guardian, 02/10/2000, pp. 2, Daily Mail, 02/10/2000, pp. 25; Sunday Times, 02/13/2000, pp. 13; Daily Express, 02/10/2000 /UK/; The Ottawa Citizen, 02/10/2000, pp. A14, Vancouver Sun, 02/10/2000, pp. A4, The Calgary Herald, 02/17/2000, pp. B10, The London Free Press, 02/10/2000, pp. A7 /Canada/; Corriere della Sera, 02/27/2000, pp. 29 /Italy/; Der Standard 02/24/2000, pp. 6 /Austria/; Der Bund, 02/26/ 2000, and Tagblatt, 02/29/2000 /Switzerland/, Excelsior, 04/25/2000 /Mexico/, O Estado, 02/10/2000, pp. A13 /Brazil/, and Eindhovens Dagblad, 02/22/2000 /Holland/ among others. Also, the research was presented in several Radio/TV programs in USA, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, and Canada (including the Discovery Channel).


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