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Sir Gaston Maspero, Director of the Antiquities Department, who signed our concession, agreed with Mr. Davis that the site was exhausted, and told us frankly that he did not consider that it would repay further investigation. We remembered, however, that nearly hundred years earlier Belzoni had made a similar claim, and refused to be convinced. We had made a thorough investigation of the site, and were quite sure that there were areas, covered by the dumps of previous excavators, which had never been properly examined.


Clearly enough we saw that very heavy work lay before us, and that many thousands of tons of surface debris would have to be removed before we could hope to find anything; but there was always the chance that a tomb might reward us in the end, and, even if there was nothing else to go upon, it was a chance that we were quite willing to take.


Howard Carter The Tomb of Tutankhamen


         Registration and dating of the possible archaeological evidence from Mesoamerica, relative of Pre-Columbian Trans-Atlantic contacts/ Registro y fechamiento de las posibles evidencias arqueologicas de Mesoamerica, relativas a contactos transatlanticos precolombinos

         Possible pre-Columbian Trans-Atlantic voyages to Mesoamerica: a search of some new data for an old controversy