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  1. Name the two principal simple sugars and some of the other substances contained in honey.

  2. List the kinds of hondy as determined by their principle plant sources, also list and briefly explain

           those classified according to types of production.

  3. Define "nectar", and"ripening", respectively.

  4. Discuss the importance of the moisture content of honey.

  5. Enumerate some of the minerals found in honey and their importance in human food. What

            vitamins are  reported from honey?

  6. Make a brief worthwhile statement about each of the following sub- topics: Colors of honey; Aroma

          and Flavors of Honey; Sweetness of Honey; Changes Occurring in Honey After it is Produced by

          Bees; Turbidity and Clarity of Honey.

 7. Study carefully what is said about Granulation, Fermentation and Discoloration, and loss of Flavor

         and Aroma. Then summarize the given recommended measures.

 8. Discuss Honey as a human food,  The functions of sugars; Energy Producing Value of Honey; Honey

         in  cooking and baking; and Honey in Infant and Child Feeding.

 9. Enumerate several other uses of honey that you know of. What is honey sensitivity?

10. Write a paragraph on some method of marketing the Honey Crop that you think you would use if

           you expect to be a beekeeper.