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           OF  WEST VIRGINIA



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Grave Creek

<Bron 180> -- One of several tablets discovered at Grave Creek, West Virginia, believed to reflect an Iberian presence in Ancient America



<Petro 241> -- Grave Creek, WV Petroglyphs





<Bron 179> --  Main features of the Grave Creek tumulus, near Moundsville, West Virginia




Horse Creek

<Horse Creek Petroglyph> -- West Virginia


Horseshoe Canyon

<Petro 324> -- Horseshoe Canyon, WV:  Field sketches



Serpent Mound

<Petro 322> -- Serpent Mound area, WV:  Prom Queen



<Petro 323> -- Serpent Mound area, WV:  Leo Petroglyphs




Wildcat Branch

<Petro 418> -- Petroglyphs, Wildcat Branch, WV




Misc. Sites

<Petro 371> -- Ceredo petroglyph, WV



<Petro 397> -- Ogam inscription from 600-800 AD, Irish Monk style