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bron 31.  Inscribed halberd on the capstone of a dolmen found in central Vermont



bron 40.  Massive roof lintels of megalithic chamber near South Woodstock, VT



bron 44.  An entrance to a chamber near White River, central Vermont



bron 45.  Free-standing drystone walls, central Vermont



bron 47.  Rectangular form of internal plan of megalithic chamber, South Woodstock, VT



bron 48.  Chamber covered by an earth mound, South Woodstock, VT



bron 132.  Phallic menjhir photographed at Phallus Hill, South Woodstock, VT



bron 133.  Another of the phallic stones found on Phallus Hill, South Woodstock, VT



bron 134.  Large fallen phallic stone found in central Vermont



bron 135.  Fallen inscribed phallic stone near South Woodstock, Vermont




bron 137.  Assemblage of phallic menhirs on hilltop near South Woodstock, VT



bron 167.   Stone image of a female torso, believed to represent the mother goddess Byanu, from  near Woodstock, Vermont


bron 168.  Tanith-like figure of Byanu on the ceiling of the chamber at South Woodstock, VT