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Students are required to specify the source of posted material. Instructors will resolve the validity of artifacts shown.





------ Please CLICK on pictures to enlarge:  (see Fell 1982 for greater detail)                                   Acknowledgments


Holliston Mills

<bron 52> -- European type ancient skull from Holliston Mills, eastern Tennessee



<bron 53> -- Markedly Europoid type of skull from Holliston Mills, Tennessee




<bron 56> -- An Algonquian type skull from Holliston Mills, TN



<bron 58> --  Pygmy skull type, from east Tennessee, ranging back in time to at least 40,000 years BP



<bron 59> -- More examples of the pygmy skull type from Holliston Mills, east Tennessee




Snapp's Bridge

<bron 185> -- Supposed bone comb found in one of the Snapp's Bridge, TN burials



Misc. Sites

<bron 186> -- Bone artifact decorated by fine grooves and inscribed in letters of the Iberian script, Celt-Iberian Site, TN


<bron 187> -- Warp-weight, & loom weight as part of grave goods found with flexed skeletons, Snapp's Bridge site, east Tennessee,