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     Of SWEDEN with American Counterparts


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<bron 7> --  Inscription at Baca, Brasted, Sweden




<bron 11> -- A prayer engraved at Vanlös, Bohuslän, Sweden




<bron 12> -- A fishing charm or prayer from Bohuslän, Sweden





<bron 13> -- A large inscription at Fossum, Bohuslän, Sweden that depicts scenes from the winter festival called Thorri



<bron 14> -- Another athletic event depicted in the Thorri inscription at Fossum, Bohuslän




<bron 15> -- Figures from the Thorri festival inscriptions of Bohuslän, Sweden are sorcerers




<bron 3> --  Figures of the sun globe at Hjulatorp, Sweden




<bron 4> --  The inscription at Hjulatorp, Sweden, Old Norse text




<bron 5> --  The inscription at Hjulatorp, Sweden




<bron 34> --  Dolmen with massive capstone, Trelleborg, Sweden



<bron 80> --  Some stone circles at Trelleborg, Sweden



Misc. Sites

<bron 6> --  Detail from a bronze Age ship Petroglyph



<bron 8> --  School lessons from ancient Scandinavia



<bron 9> --  More bronze Age school lessons from Sweden



<bron 10> --Three of the named vessels of a bronze Age fleet




<bron 16> --Skits of athletic competition at the Thorri festival



<bron 191 -- Three versions of the same bronze Age riddle using pictographic symbols, from Sweden, Denmark & Canada



<bron 192>-- Three versions of another bronze Age riddle using pictographic symbols, from Sweden, Denmark & Canada