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Students are required to specify the source of posted material. Instructors will resolve the validity of artifacts shown.



                OF BRAZIL


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Fonte Grande Canyon

<petro 410> -- petroglyph, Fonte Grande Canyon, Brazil



Riacho Largo Canyon

<petro 413> -- petroglyph, Toxodon Pleistocene animal hunting scene, Riacho Largo Canyon Brazil


Toca de Egidio

<petro 409> -- petroglyph, Toca do Egídio, Brazil




Toca da Serrinha

<petro 411> -- petroglyph, Toca da Serrinha, Serra da Capivara Natl. Pk, Piauí, Brazil



Toca dos Búzios

<petro 412> -- petroglyph, Toca dos Búzios, Brazil