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Nabidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Nachtsheim (1913)

Nantucket Pine Tip Moth, Rhyacionia frustrana (Comstock)

Nasonia Ashmead

Nasonia brevicornis Ashmead

Nasonia vitripennis (research)

Nasonia vitripennis (Walker) (Parasitoid of Diptera)

Natural Control


Natural Control (force of)

Natural Control in Short Term Crops

Natural Enemies (principal groups)

Natural Enemies Employed in Weed Control

Natural Enemies in Integrated Control

Natural Enemy Capability (judging)

Natural Enemy Culture

Natural Enemy Culture (behavior)

Natural Enemy Culture (contamination)

Natural Enemy Culture (diapause)

Natural Enemy Culture (genetic change causes)

Natural Enemy Culture (genetic change)

Natural Enemy Culture (genetic diversity)

Natural Enemy Culture (mating)

Natural Enemy Culture (quality assessment)

Natural Enemy Culture (rearing density)

Natural Enemy Culture (sex-ratio changes)

Natural Enemy Culture (techniques)

Natural Enemy Evaluation

Natural Enemy Exploration (Conclusions)

Natural Enemy Exploration (future direction and emphasis)

Natural Enemy Groups

Natural Enemy Identification

Natural Enemy Introductions

Natural Enemy Utilization of Food

Natural Enemy-Free Space

Natural Population at its Origin

Naturally Occurring Biological Control in Canada

Naturally Occurring Biological Control in Eastern United States

Naturally Occurring Biological Control in Western United States

Naturally Occurring Organisms

Nature of Parasitoidism

Nature's Control Insectary

Naucoridae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Navel Orangeworm, Amyelois transitella (Walker)

Nearctic North of Mexico (Biological Control)

Nearctic Regional Section

Nebraska (Pictures)

Need for Biological Control

Nefoeninae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Nematode Pathogens of Arthropods


Nematodes (against medically important pests)

Nematodes (biocontrol use)

Nematodes (biological characteristics)

Nematodes (Overview)

Nematodes (Van Driesche & Bellows account)

Nematodes Against Weeds

Nematodes Attacking Arthropods


Nematodes Attacking Weeds (Overview)

Nematodes in Quarantine

Nemestrinidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Nemopteridae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Nemourea rileyi

Neodiparinae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Neoseiulus anonymus

Neoseiulus idaeus


Neotropical Regional Section



Neotylenchid Nematodes

Nepidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Nesting Boxes

Netherlands (Pictures)

Neuroptera (General)

NEUROPTERA (predators) <General Characateristics>

Neurosecretory Cells

Neutral females

Nevada (USA) (Pictures)

New Hampshire (Pictures)

New Jersey (Pictures)

New Mexico (Pictures)

New York (Pictures)

New Zealand (Pictures)

Newell, Irv M.

Nezara viridula (L.)

Nezara viridula (L.) (short-term crops)

Nezara viridula (natural enemy exploration)

Nicholson, A. J.

Niklas, O. F.

Nipaecoccus viridis (Maskell)

Nitidulidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Noctuidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Noctuids in New Zealand, Agrotis sp. & Mythimna separata (Walker)

Nomadidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

North America Wildflowers

North Carolina (Pictures)

North Dakota (Pictures)

Norway (Pictures)

Nosema rileyi

Notonectidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Notonectids (mosquito control)

Noxious Plants & Weeds

Number of Active Polygenic Loci

Numerical Response

Nutrition (host-feeding) & Progeny Number

Nutrition of Adult Entomophage

Nutrition of Natural Enemies

Nutrition of Natural Enemies (History)

Nutrition of Natural Enemies (Overview)

Nutritional Influences on Sex Ratio

Nutritional Requirements in Development of Natural Enemies

Nygmia phaeorrhoea (Donovan)

Nyland, Edo (websites)

Nymphidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Nyssoninae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>