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An Introduction to Medical Entomology

For educational purposes.  Quote cited references only.



(Medical Entomology)


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Acarapis woodi - Adult Tarsonemoidea

Adult Ticks - 3 species

Aedes camptorhynchus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes aegypti - Adult

Aedes aegypti - Larva

Aedes aegypti queenslandensis - Adult


Aedes africanus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes albopictus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes geniculatus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes leutocephalus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes niveus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes poicilius - Adult Culicidae

Aedes polynesiensis - Adult Culicidae

Aedes scapularis - Adult Culicidae

Aedes scutellaris - Adult Culicidae

Aedes serratus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes spp. - 3 species distinctions

Aedes spp. - Adult leg & abdomen scales

Aedes stimulans - Larva

Aedes taeniorhynchus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes taeniorhynchus-2 -Adult Culicidae

Aedes taylori - Adult Culicidae

Aedes thibaulti - Adult Culicidae

Aedes togoi - Adult Culicidae

Aedes triseriatus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes vexans - Adult male & female

Aedes vigilax - Adult Culicidae

Aedes vittatus - Adult Culicidae

Aedeomyia furfurea - Adult Culicidae

Aedeomyia catastica - Adult Culicidae

Amblyomma americanum - Adult Ixodidae

Amblyomma cajennense - Ixodidae adults

Amblyomma hebraeum - Adult Ixodidae

Amblyomma maculatum - Adult Ixodidae

Amblyomma sp. - Adult male Ixodidae

Amblyomma variegatum -Adult Ixodidae

Anabrus simplex - Adult Tettigoniidae

Anopheles aconitus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles albimanus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles albitarsis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles amictus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles annularis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles anthropophagus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles aquasalis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles atroparvus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles atropos - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles bancroftii - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles barberi - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles barberi - Wing photo

Anopheles bellator - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles barbirostris - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles campestris - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles coustani - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles crucians - Wing photo

Anopheles culicifacies - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles darlingi - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles dirus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles earlei - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles earlei - Wing photo

Anopheles farauti - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles flavirostris - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles fluviatilis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles franciscanus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles freeborni - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles funestus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles gambiae - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles gambiae - Wing

Anopheles hyrcanus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles jeyporiensis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles koliensis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles labranchiae - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles  letifer - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles leucosphyrus -Adult Culicidae

Anopheles maculatus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles maculipalpus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles melas - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles merus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles minimus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles  nigerrimus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles nigerrimus #2 - Adult

Anopheles nuneztovari - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles pseudopunctipennis - Adult


Anopheles punctimacula -Adult Culicidae

Anopheles punctipennis -Adult Culicidae

Anopheles punctipennis - Larva

Anopheles punctipennis - Wing photo

Anopheles punctulatus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles quadrimaculatus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles quadrimaculatus -Wing photo

Anopheles sacharovi - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles sacharovi #2-Adult Culicidae

Anopheles sergentii - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles sinensis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles sp. - Larva Feeding

Anopheles splendidus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles spp. - Larva mouthparts

Anopheles spp. - Larval structures

Anopheles spp. - Pupa

Anopheles spp. - Terminal abdomen

Anopheles spp. (6) - Wing Photos

Anopheles spp. -Larval spiracles, pecten

Anopheles stephensi - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles stephensi #2 - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles subpictus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles sundaicus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles walkeri - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles walkeri - Wing drawing

Anopheles walkeri - Wing photo

Anophelinae spp. - Pupal Chaetotaxy

Anophelinae spp. - Wing scales

Anophelini Genus sp. - Adult Culicidae

Anthocoridae - Orius spp.

Antricola sp. - Adult Argasidae

Apatolestes sp. - Tabanidae adult

Aponomma concolor - Adult Ixodidae

Anopheles arabiensis - Adult Culicidae

Argasidae - example Acarina

Argas persicus - Female (2 views)

Argas reflexus - Adult Argasidae

Argas vespertilionis #1 - Adult


Argas vespertilionis #2  - Adult


Arilus cristatus  - Adult Reduviidae

Armigeres subalbatus - Adult Culicidae

Armillifer armillatus - Larva

Atrichopogon sp. - Male & Female

Attagenus piceus - Adult Dermestidae

Atylotus sp. - Tabanidae adult

Auchmeromyia luteola - Adult+Larva


Auchmeromyia senegalensis - Adult Congo


Australian "Q" Fever - Life Cycle

Austrosimulium sp. - Adult

Avicularia sp. - Tarantula spider

Bernacus grisus - Adult waterbug

Black Widow Spider-Latrodectus mactans

Blatella germanica - German roach

Blatella orientalis - Oriental roach

Blattaria spp. - Cockroaches

Blister beetle - Zonabris pustalata

Boophilus annulatum - Adult Ixodidae

Boophilus microplus - Adult Ixodidae

Boophilus sp. - Adult Ixodidae

Browntail Moth - Euproctis phaeorrhora

Caccobius sp. - Adult Scarabaeidae

Calliphora livida - Adult

Calliphora viridescens - Head

Calliphora viridescens - Frontal lunule

Calliphora viridescens - Thorax

Calliphora viridescens - Wing

Calliphora viscina - Adult

Calliphora vomitoria - Adult bluebottle fly

Callitroga (Cochliomyia) americana -

     Adult screwworm

Canestrinidae Genus sp. - Adult Sarcoptoidea

Capitulum - Dermacenter andersoni

Cediopsylla simplex - Rabbit flea

Centepede - Scolopendra obscura

Ceratophyllus gallinae - Hen flea

Chagasia bathana - Adult  Anophelini

Chagasia bathana - Larva Anophelini

Chaoborinae Genus sp. - Adult

Chaoborinae - Larvae

Chorioptes bovis - Adult Sarcoptidae

Chrysomya albiceps - Adult Calliphoridae

Chrysomya bezziana - Calliphoridae Adults

Chrysomya chloropyga - Adult Calliphoridae

Chrysomya marginalis - Adult Calliphoridae

Chrysomya macellaria - Adult


Chrysomya rafifacies - Adult Calliphoridae

Chrysops discalis - Adult

Chrysops distinctipennis - Adult


Chrysops sp. - Tabanidae adult

Chrysops univittatus - Head Front

Cimex hemipterus - Adult Cimicidae

Cimex lectularius - abdomen

Cimex lectularius,  #2 - Adult bedbug

Cimex pilosellus - Adult Cimicidae

Cimex pipistrelli - Adult Cimicidae

Cimexopsis nyctalis - Adult Cimicidae

Clogmia sp. - Psychodinae adult moth

Cnemidocoptes sp. - Adult Sarcoptidae

Cochliomyia hominivorax - Adult

Colorado Tick Fever - Life Cycle

Comstock, John H. - Researcher

Coquillettidia linealis - Adult Culicidae

Coquilletttidia perturbans - Adult


Cordylobia anthropophaga - Adult

     Tumbu  fly

Cordylobia anthropophaga - Adult

Coreidae - Wing

Cruz, Oswaldo - Researcher

Ctenocephalides felis - Cat flea

Ctenocephalides sp. - Adult flea

Ctenocephaldes canis - Dog flea

Ctenophthalmus pseudargytes - Small

     mammal flea

Culex annulatus - Adult Culicidae

Culex annulirostris - Adult Culicidae

Culex erraticus - Adult Culicidae

Culex fatigans - Adult Culicidae

Culex fuscanus - Adult Culicidae

Culex gelidus - Adult Culicidae

Culex modestus - Adult Culicidae

Culex nigripalpus - Adult Culicidae

Culex nigripalpus - Adult Culicidae

Culex pallidothorax - Adult Culicidae

Culex pipiens - Adult Culicidae

Culex pipiens - Larva Culicidae

Culex pseudovishnui - Adult Culicidae

Culex quinquefasciatus - Adult Culicidae

Culex salinarius - Adult Culicidae

Culex sinensi - Adult Culicidae

Culex spp. - Tarsus tip

Culex tarsalis - Adult Culicidae

Culex taeniopus - Adult Culicidae

Culex tritaeniorhynchus - Adult Culicidae

Culex univittatus - Adult Culicidae

Culex vishnui - Adult Culicidae

Culex whitmorei - Adult Culicidae

Culicinae female - Mouthparts

Culicinae Genus sp. - Adult

Culicinae spp. - Larva

Culicini Genus sp. - Adult

Culicoides dovei - Life Stages

Culicoides furens - Adult Ceratopogonidae

Culicoides milnei - Adult Ceratopogonidae

Culicoides pulicaris - Head & Mouthparts

Culicoides sp. - Adult & Larva

Culicoides sp. - Adult Ceratopogonidae

Culiseta inornata - Adult Culicidae

Culiseta melanura - Adult Culicidae

Culiseta morsitans - Adult Culicidae

Cuterebra buccata - 2nd Stage Larva

Cyclops sp. - Adult with eggs

Cynomya cadaverina - Adult

Dasyhelea sp. - Adult Ceratopogonidae

Deinocerites cancer - Adult Culicidae

Dengue Fever - Life Cycle

Dermacentor albipictus - Adult

Dermacentor andersoni - Adult male &

     female tick

Dermacentor andersoni -Female-2 views

Dermacentor andersoni - Male (2 views)

Dermacentor marginatus-Adult Ixodidae

Dermacentor occidentalis - Adult tick

Dermacentor occidentalis #2 - Adult


Dermacentor parumapertus - Adult Ixodidae

Dermacentor reticulatus -Adult Ixodidae

Dermacentor variabilis - Adult dog tick

Dermanyssidae - Chelicerae

Dermanyssus gallinae #1 - Adult


Dermanyssus gallinae #2 - Adult

Dermanyssus sanguineus - Adult

Dermatobia hominis - Human Botfly

Dermatophagoides farinae - Adult


Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus- Dust Mite

Demodex brevis - Adult Demodicidae

Demodex folliculorum2 - Adult Demodicidae

Dermanyssus gallinae2 - Adult


Ornithonyssus bacoti - Adult Mesostigmata

Ornithonyssus bursa - Adult Mesostigmata

Pyemotes tritici - Adult Pyemotidae

Demodex sp. - Adult Acarina

Diachlorus sp. - Tabanidae adult

Diptera Larvae- Larval Spiracular Plates

Diptera Larvae - Cephalopharyngea

Distinguish Mosquitos - Anopheles, Culex,

     Aedes, Mansonia

Dolichopsyllidae Genus sp. - Adult flea

Dixa nebulosa - Adult Dixidae

Dixella sp. - Larva

Dixidae sp. - Wing venation

Echidnophaga gallinacea - Sticktight flea

Echinophthirius sp. - Adult Phthiraptera

Eretmapodites chrysogaster - Adult


Esenbeckia sp. - Tabanidae adult

Eupodoidea: Rhagidiidae Genus sp. -

     Adult Arachnid

Euproctis phaeorrhora- Urticating caterpillar

Euroglyphus maynei-Adult Pyroglyphidae

Entrombicula alfreddugesii - Adult mite

Eutrombicula alfreddugesii-Tick morphology

Eutrombicula batatas - Adult tick

Fannia scalaris - Adult Muscidae

Fannia spp. - Adult & Larvae Muscidae

Fannia spp. - Distinction of Larvae

Ficalbia malfeyti - Adult Culicidae


Flea Male - Body Parts

Flea spp. - Mouthparts

Forcipomyia spp. - Adult Ceratopogonid

Gasterophilidae Genus sp. - Adult

Gasterophilus spp. - Adults

Gasterophilus intestinalis-larval spiracles

Gasterophilus spp. - Larvae

Gastrophilus equi - Adult Gasterophilidae

Gigantodax cervicornis - Adult simuliid

Glossina fuscipes - Adult Glossinidae

Glossina longipennis - Adult Glossinidae

Glossina morsitans - Adult tsetse fly

Glossina morsitans #2 - Adult Glossinid

Glossina palpalis - Glossinidae Adults

Glossina pallidipes - Adult Glossinidae

Glossina tachinoides - Adult Glossinidae

Glossina spp. - Africa distribution

Glossina spp. - Reproductive system

Glossina spp. - Wings of tsetse flies

Goniops sp. - Tabanidae adult

Gorgas, W. C. - Researcher

Grasshopper Abdomen

Grasshopper Head

Grasshopper Mouthparts

Grasshopper Thorax

Grassi, G. - Researcher

Haemaphysalis concinna  - Adult Ixodidae

Haemagogus equinus - Adult Culicidae

Haemagogus janthinomys - Adult Culicidae

Haemagogus leucocelaenus -Adult


Haemagogus spegazzinii - Adult Culicidae

Haemagogus sp. - Adult Culicidae

Haemagogus spp.-Culicid Larva posterior

Haemaphysalis japonica - Adult Ixodidae

Haemaphysalis leachi - Adult Ixodidae

Haemaphysalis leporis-palustris - Adult

     Ixodidae ticks

Haemaphysalis sp. - Adult Ixodidae

Haematobia irritans - Adult Muscidae

Haematomyzus elephantis - Adult

Haematopinus suis - Adult Phthiraptera

Haematopota sp. - Tabanidae adult

Hectopsyllidae- Tunga penetrans

Heleidae Genus sp. - Adult fly

Hemelytron - Hemiptera wing

Hermetia illucens - Adult Stratiomyiidae

Hexactenus ischnopsyllus - Adult flea

Hippelates pusio - Life Stages of eye gnat

Hodgesia sp. - Adult Culicidae

Hoplopsyllus anomalus Rodent flea

Howard, Leland - Researcher

Hyalomma dromedari - Adult Ixodidae

Hyalomma marginatus-marginatum -

     Adult Ixodidae

Hyalomma rufipes- Male & Female Ixodidae

Hypoderma bovis - Adult fly

Hypoderma lineatum - Heel Fly

Hypoderma & Oestrus spp. - Larval


Hypothetical insect wing

Hystrichopsyllidae Genus sp. - Adult flea

Insect antennae - assorted

Insect legs - Grasshopper & Housefly

Integument of insect -  generalized

Io Moth - Automerus io - Urticating larva

Ixodes & Dermacentor  - Mite structures

Ixodes cookei - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodes holocyclus - Female Ixodidae

Ixodes holocyclus - Male & Female

Ixodes pacificus - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodes persulcatus - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodes pilosus - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodes ricinus - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodes ricinus-2 - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodes scapularis - Adult Ixodidae

Japanese Encephalitis - Life Cycle

Larus californicus - Seagull

Lasioderma serricorne - Adult Anobiidae

Lasiohelea (Forcipomyia) sp. - Adult


Laveran, C. L. A. - Researcher

Leptocimex boueti - Adult Cimicidae

Leptoconops sp. - Adult sandfly

Leptocoris sp. - Coreidae wing          

Leptopsylla segnis - European mouse flea

Leptotrombidium sp. - Adult


Leptotrombidium sp. -Adult scrubtyphus


Lieshmania & Phlebotomus - Life Cycles

Liponyssoides sanguineus - Adult


Liponyssus bascoti - Adult mite

Listrophorus sp. - Adult Sarcoptoidea

Loxoceles reclusa-Brown Recluse spider

Lucilia caesar - Adult Calliphoridae

Lucilia cuprina - Adult Calliphoridae

Lucilia illustrus - Adult Calliphoridae

Lucilia sericata - Adult Calliphoridae

Lucilia silvarum - Adult Calliphoridae

Lutzomyia longipalpis -Adult Psychodidae

Lutzomyia sp. - Adult Psychodidae

Lutzomyia trapidoi - Adult Psychodidae

Lutzomyia verrucarum - Adult Psychodidae

Lygaeidae spp. -  Hemiptera bug

Lyme Disease - Life Cycle

Malaria incidence map - Year 1930

Manson, Patrick - Researcher

Mansonia indiana - Adult Culicidae

Mansonia spp. - Mosquito characters

Mansonia titillans - Adult Culicidae

Mansonia uniformis - Adult Culicidae

Megarhinini Toxorhynchites sp. - Adult

Megaselia scalaris - Adult Phoridae

Melanolestes abdominalis- Adult Reduviidae

Melanolestes picipes - Adult Reduviidae

Mesostigmata Genus sp. - Adult Acarina

Millipede - Spirobolus marginatus

Miridae - Hemiptera Genus spp.

Morellia aenescens - Adult Muscidae

Mosquito - Basic Adult Structures

Mosquito eggs - Assorted

Mosquito heads - Culex & Anopheles

Mosquito mouthparts - Female adult

Mosquito pupae - Anopheles & Aedes

Mosquitos resting- Anopheles & Culex

Mosquito thorax - assorted

Mosquito wing - Anopheles walkeri

Musca autumnalis - Adult Muscidae

Musca domestica - Adult Muscidae

Musca domestica - Life Stages

Musca domestica - Wing

Musca pascuorum - Adult Muscidae

Musca vomitoria - Adult Muscidae

Muscina assimilis - Adult Muscidae

Muscina pascuorum - Adult Muscidae

Muscina stabulans - Female Muscidae

Myiospila sp. - Adult muscid fly

Nabidae spp. - Hemiptera bugs

Neobisium sp. - Adult Pseudoscorpion

Nycteribiidae Genus sp. - Adult

Nosopsyllus fasciatus - Rat flea adult

Nosopsyllus fasciatus - Stages of rat flea

Notoedres cati - Adult Sarcoptidae

Notonectidae spp. - Hemiptera

Nuttall, G. H. - Researcher

Ochlerotatus canadensis -Adult Culicidae

Ochlerotatus sollicitans - Adult Culicidae

Oeciacus vicarius - Adult Cimicidae

Oestrus ovis - Sheep Nose Fly

Onthophagus bifasciatus - Adult


Onthophagus unifasciatus - Adult


Ornithodoros brasiliensis - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros coriaceus - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros hermsi - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros moubata - Adult argasid mite

Ornithodoros moubata - dorsal, ventral

Ornithodoros parkeri - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros lahorensis -Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros rostratus - Adult Argasid

Ornithodoros savignyi - Adult argasid

Ornithodoros talaje - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros tholozani - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros turicata - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros spp.- Adult comparisons

Ornithonyssus bacoti - Adult Mesostigmata

Ornithonyssus bursa - Adult Mesostigmata

Oropsylla montana -Ground Squirrel flea

Orthopodomyia milloti - Adult Culicidae

Orthopodomyia signifera -Adult Culicidae

Otobius megnini - Adult Argasidae

Otobius sp. - Adult Argasidae

Pangstrongylus megistus- Adult Reduviidae

Pediculidae Genus sp. - Phthiraptera

Pediculus capitis - Adult Phthiraptera

Pediculus humanus - Adult Phthiraptera

Pediculus humanus - Mouthparts

Pediculus humanus - Structures

Pediculoides ventricosus - Adult

Pedipalpida Genus sp. - Adult

Periplaneta americana - Adult American


Periplaneta australasiae - Australian


Phlebotominae Genus sp. - Adult

Phlebotomus argentipes- Adult Psychodidae

Phlebotomus papatasi - Adult Psychodidae

Phlebotomus papatassi - Life Stages

Phlebotomus perniciosus- Adult Psychodidae

Phlebotomus sergenti - Adult Psychodidae

Phlebotomus verrucarum - Adult

Phlebotomus sergenti - Mouthparts

Phlebotomus & Psychoda - Wings

Phormia regina - Female fly

Phthiraptera (Anoplura) - Eggs on hair

Phthirus pubis - Female Phthiraptera

Pieris brassicae - Adult Pieridae

Piophila casei - Adult Piophylidae

Piophila sp. - Piophilidae adult

Piratinae-Melanolestes picipes - Adult

Piratinae-Rasahus biguttatus- Adult

Plasmodium vivax - Life Cycle

Poecilocapsus sp. - Miridae wing

Pollenia rudis - Adult Muscidae

Porocephalus clavatus - Adult

Prosimulium sp. - Adult Simuliid

Prostigmata Genus spp. - Adult Acarina

Protocalliphora azurea - Adult

Protophomia pterraenovae - Adult

Psorophora ciliata - Adult Culicidae

Psorophora columbiae - Adult Culicidae

Psorophora confinnis - Adult Culicidae

Psorophora cyanescens - Adult Culicidae

Psorophora discolor - Adult Culicidae

Psorophora ferox - Adult Culicidae

Psorophora ferox #2 - Adult Culicidae

Psoroptes communis - Adult mite

Psoroptes communis - Chelicerae

Psoroptes communis - Tarsal sucker

Psychoda albipennis - Adult Psychodidae

Ptinus tectus - Adult Ptinidae

Pulex irritans - Flea of Humans

Pulicidae Genus sp. - Adult flea

Pyemotes tritici - Adult Pyemotidae

Pyrausta nubilalis - Adult Crambidae

Pyrausta nubilasis - Crambidae larva

Pyrellia rapax - Adult fly

Pyrellia vivida - Adult fly

Rasahus biguttatus - Adult Reduviidae

Rasahus biguttatus - Adult (drawing)

Rasahus thoracicus - Adult Reduviidae

Reduviidae-3 species - Hemiptera Adults

Reduvius personatus-2 - Adult

Reduvius personatus - Adult Reduviidae

Reduviinae-Reduvius personatus - Adult

Reed, Walter - Researcher

Rhagidiidae Genus sp. - Adult Arachnid

Rhipicephalus sanguineus - Adult Ixodidae

Rhodnius prolixus - Adult Reduviidae

Rhodnius sp. - Adult Reduviidae

Rhyphus fenestralis - Adult Anisopodidae

Ricketts, Howard - Researcher

Rocky Mountain Fever - Life Cycle

Rhodnius prolixus - Adult Triatomid

Rhodnius sp. - Adult Triatomidae

Ross, Ronald - Researcher

Russian Tick Encephalatis - Life Cycle

Sabethes chloropterus - Adult Culicidae

Sabethes spp. - Larva Culicid posterior

Sabethes spp. - Mosquito recognition

Sabethini Wyeomyia sp. - Adult

Sarcophaga bullata - Adult fly

Sarcophaga carnaria - Adult fly

Sarcophaga haemorrhoidalis - Adult


Sarcophaga sarraceniae - Adult


Sarcoptes scabiei - Adult female mite

Sarcoptes scabiei - Male & female

Sepsidae Genus sp. - Adult wasp

Silvius sp. - Tabanidae adult

Simuliidae spp. - Larvae & Pupae

Simulium arcticum -Adult male & female

Simulium colombasehensis - Adult

Simulium damnosum - Adult fly

Simulium exiguum - Adult Simuliidae

Simulium guianense - Adult Simuliidae

Simulium metallicum - Adult Simuliidae

Simulium ochraceus - Adult Simuliidae

Simulium oyapockense -Adult Simuliidae

Simulium vittatum - Adult fly

Simulium vittatum - Hind Leg

Siphonaptera sp.-Adult flea morphology

Siphonaptera spp.  Genera

Siphonaptera spp. - Lateral Head views

Scorpion spp. - General body structure

Staphylinidae - Creophilus maxillosus

Stenotabanus sp. - Tabanidae adult

Stereotydeus sp. - Adult Acarina

St. Louis Encephalatis - Life Cycle

Stomoxys calcitrans - Adult stable fly

Stomoxys calcitrans - Mouthparts

Stomoxys & Glossina-Head comparisons

Stonemyia sp. - Tabanidae adult

Streblidae Genus sp. - Adult wasp

Supella supellectilum - Brown banded


Symphoromyia atripes - Adult snipe fly

Synthesiomyia sp. - Adult Muscidae

Tabanus atratus - Adult male & female

Tabanidae spp. - Adult flies

Tabanidae - Head (Sagittal Cut)

Tabanidae spp. - Fly Larvae

Tabanidae - Larva & Pupa

Tabanus bovinus - Adult Culicidae

Tabanus sp. - Tabanidae adult

Tarantula - Avicularia sp. Spider

Tenebrio molitor - Adult Tenebrionidae

Tenebrio molitor  - Tenebrionidae larva

Theobald, F. V. - Researcher

Thysanura spp. - bristletails, firebrats,


Tick Typhus - Life Cycle

Toxorhynchites brevipalpis - Adult Culicidae

Toxorhynchites sp. - Adult mosquito

Toxorhynchites - Male & female heads

Triatoma dimidiata - Adult Reduviidae

Triatoma infestans - Adult Reduviidae

Triatoma protracta - Adult Reduviidae

Triatoma sanguisuga - Adult Reduviidae

Triatominae Genus sp.-Adult Reduviidae

Triphleps sp. - Anthocoridae wing

Trombicula akamushi - Larva

Trombicula autumnalis - Adult


Trombiculidae - Life Cycle

Trombidiidae Genus sp. - Adult


Tubifera tenax - Adult & Larva

Tunga penetrans - Jigger flea adult

Tunga penetrans - Gravid female flea

Tyroglyphus longior var. castellani - Adult


Uranotaenia mashonaensis - Adult Culicidae

West Nile Virus - Life Cycle

Wing venation systems - Diptera

Wohlfahrtia magnifica - Adult

Wohlfahrtia vigil - Fly Adult & Larva

Wyeomyia sp. - Adult

Xenopsylla cheopis - Oriental rat flea

Yellow Fever in Africa Cycle

Yellow Fever in Neotropics Cycle

Zika Virus - Life Cycle

Zika Virus - 2016 World Distribution

Zeugonomyia gracilis - Adult Culicidae

Zonabris pustalata - Adult blister beetle


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       Illustrations include drawings and photographs of living and preserved collection specimens. Emphasis is placed on diagnostic characters that distinguish the various groups and species.  Contributions of images by colleagues and associates are gratefully acknowledged.  The insect and mite collections at the University of California of Irving Newell, Harold Compere, David Rosen, James McMurtry, Ted Fisher, and Paul Timberlake were also especially valuable in the making of many photos and drawings.  Special appreciation also is expressed to the following for their support and/or location of Arthropod specimens:  Ahmed el-Heneidy (Egypt), Aquiles Silveira (Uruguay), David Annecke (South Africa), David Greathead (Kenya), Fred Bennett (Trinidad), J. Maldonado (Puerto Rico), James Altmann (Australia), James Ridsdill-Smith (Australia), José Pastrana (Argentina), Jost Franz (Germany), Mario Campos (Chile), María Echeverry (Chile), Mario Perez (Puerto Rico), Sherif Hassan (Egypt), Thomas Farr (Jamaica).