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An Introduction to Medical Entomology

For educational purposes.



(Principal Medically-Important Arthropods)




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      Simplified diagnostic keys are given to aid in the identification of principal groups of medically important Arthropods.  The Diptera, the largest group of arthropods causing health problems in humans and animals. is expanded to include families and some genera and species.


Anophelinae (Genera)

Arachnida & Acarina

Phthiraptera (Insecta)

Blattaria (Insecta)

Ceratopogonidae (Insecta)

Culicidae (Insecta)

Culicini Genera  (Adults)

Culicini Genera (Larvae)

Diptera Families (Insecta)

Flies In Dwellings (Insecta)

Hemiptera (Insecta)

Insect Orders

Myiasis-causing Flies

N. Am. Anophelines (Adults)

N. Am. Anophelines (Larvae)

Oestridae (Insecta)

Orthoptera (Insecta)

Simuliidae (Insecta)

Siphonaptera (Insecta)

Tabanidae (Insecta)



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