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                                                      of Natural Enemies




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Additional Parasitoid-caused Mortality

Apparent Mortality

Behavioral Biases

Biases Affecting Detection of Density Dependence

Death Rates

Delayed Density Dependence

Density Relatedness Tests For Specific Factors

Determining Total Numbers Entering Stages

Direct Density Dependence

Ecological Roles and Hypotheses

Ecological Roles For Natural Enemies

Equilibrium Value

Experimental Designs For Life Tables

Growth Rates

Herbivores & Plant Pathogens

Horizontal Life Table


Indispensable Mortality

Interpreting Life Tables

Key Factor

Life Table Data Analysis

Life Tables & Evaluation (Introduction)



Life Tables (Augmentation)

Missing Natality

Mortality From Oviposition and Envenomization

Parameters in Life Tables

Population Stability Tests

Quantitative Impact of Natural Enemies

Real Mortality


Regulation (Populations)

Residual Mortality

Sample Design

Stage-frequency Analysis

Suppression (Populations)

Susceptibility to Other Factors

Types of Life Tables

Vertical Life Table

Life Tables (Definitions & Data Collection)

Life Tables (Kinds of Data)

Life Tables (Misc. Applications)

Life Tables (Use For Biological Control Systems)

Method Comparisons