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The Little Falls Bartlett Series


W. H. Bartlett was born in Kentish Town on March 26th, 1809 and died in 1854 while between Malta and Marseille. In his early twenties he was apprenticed to English artist John Britton.  Between 1831 and 1834 four of his paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy and two at the New Water-Colour Society (now the Royal Institute). Bartlett spent most of his life traveling, the result of various publishers; especially George Virtue, who commissioned him to prepare works for travel books of the time. His work took him throughout the world, [Middle East 1834-1835, Switzerland in 1836, America 1836-1837, Constantinople 1837-1838, Canada 1838, a return trip to America in 1841, European Continent 1842, The Holy Land in 1853, in addition he spent a great deal of time producing works of Ireland, Scotland and England.  Approximately 1000 of his works are. engravings, a statement of his ability to capture the landscape in beauty as well as accuracy and clarity. Bartlett first produced a large sketch in pencil and or watercolor followed by a sepia study which was used as a guide for engraving.  These steel engravings were then bound into books and used as pictorial promotions to bring people to America. There are four scenes of Little Falls by Bartlett: View of the Erie Canal, Village of Little Falls, Railroad Scene -Little Falls, and Little Falls.  Having four scenes by Bartlett of Little Falls is a great honor and a testament to the beauty of this Valley .  This Bartlett print is an authentic steel engraving from 1839. An unknown artist did the hand coloring at some later date. [315.823.4764] South Shore Art Gallery



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