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<A words>

Adele Stamler

Animal Science Bldg (U. of IL)

Ann Flary (Round Lake)

Aunt Louise's backyard (Chicago)

Aunt Margaret Woock


<B words>

Bausch & Lomb Award

Billy Dollase (Chicago)

Broadwalk (Univ. of IL)


<C words>

402 Chalmers St, Champaign

Chicago Area

Chicago Mandolin Orchestra

Chicago River

Class Reunions (All)

Curved Bar Award


<D words>

Davenport Hall (Univ. of IL)

Diane Dollase

Dolores Dollase (Chicago)


<E words>

Ellen Mary Barrett (Lockport)

Ellen Mary Barrett (Round Lake)


Erich O. Legner

Erich Legner (wedding)


<F words>

Family Home (Woock)

Father Jim

File Numbers List (IL)

Fourth Street House


Fred  (wedding)

Fred 's Spanish class (Univ. of IL)


Fred's dog Ricky

Fittz Josepf Schaffek


<G words>


<H words>

Hannah Dollase (Chicago)

Hannah Legner (Chicago)

Hedwig Schaffek


<I words>

Ice formations (Lake Michigan)

Illini Union (Univ. of IL)

Illinois State Capitol


<J words>

Jedlička Family

John Hoffer



<K words>


<L words>

Lake Michigan


Leonard William Woock

Libertyville High School

Lincoln Hall (Univ. of IL)


Lockport / Joliet


<M words>

Map of Illinois,     #2,

    Relief Map

Margarita Anna Schaffek

Margarita Schaffek (wedding)

Marion Ray (Round Lake)

Merchandise Mart

Mumford Hall (Univ. of IL)


<N words>

Numerical File List (IL)


<O words>

Orchestra Hall (Chicago)


<P words>

Patriotic Celebration

Peggy  (Joliet)

Peggy 's Baptism

7028 S. Peoria St. (Chicago)

Principal Regions (IL)


<Q words>


<R words>

Ray Woock (Lockport)

Regional File List (IL)

Reunions (Class)

Robert Dollase (Chicago)

Round Lake (IL)


<S words>

Schaffek Clan (Chicago)

Schiller Park

Schubert Singing Group

Springfield, IL

St. Joseph's Church (Lockport)

State Capitol (IL)

Suzanne Woock (Chicago)

Suzanne Woock (First Communion)


Suzanne Woock (Lockport)

Suzanne Woock (wedding)


<T words>

Tom Barrett (Round Lake)


<U words>

U.S. Steel, Joliet

University of Illinois (Champaign)


<V words>


<W words>

Woock Family Home

Wright Ave (Univ. of IL)


<X words>


<Y words>


<Z words>