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<A words>



<B words>

Bahía Honda Bridge

Bok Tower

Busch Gardens


<C words>

Chimpanzee (Miami)

Cypress Gardens

Cypress trees


<D words>

Daytona Beach


<E words>

Egret (Everglades)

Erich  (Everglades)

Erich  (Lake Wales)

Erich  (Panama City)

Erich  (St. Augustine)


Everglades National Park


<F words>

File Numbers List (FL)

Fishing boats (Tampa)

Flamingos (Busch Gardens)

Flamingos (Jungle Gardens)

Flamingos (Sarasota)

Fort (St. Augustine)

Fred  (Fruitland Park)

Fred  (Lake Wales)

Fred  (Miami)

Fred  (St. Augustine)

Fred  (Tarpon Springs)

Fritz Schaffek  (St. Augustine)

Fritz Schaffek (Fruitland Park)

Fritz Schaffek (Lake Wales)

Fritz Schaffek (Miami)

Fruitland Park


<G words>

Glass-bottom boats

Gulf of Mexico



<H words>


Hedwig Schaffek (Key West)

Hedwig Schaffek (Fruitland Pk)

Hedwig Schaffek (Lake Wales)

Hedwig Schaffek (Miami)

Hedwig Schaffek (St. Augustine)


<I words>


<J words>

José Martí Monument

Jungle Gardens


<K words>


Key West, FL


<L words>

Lake Wales, FL

Llambias House

Long-needle pine forest


<M words>


Mansion (Key West)

Map of Florida

Margarita  (Fruitland Pk.)

Margarita  (Key West)

Margarita  (Miami)

Margarita   (St. Augustine)

Miami area

Monument (José Martí)


<N words>

Native Palmetto

Northeast Florida

Northwest Florida


<O words>

Ocala, FL

Oldest house

Oldest wooden schoolhouse

Overseas Highway (FL)




<P words>

Panama City, FL

Pelicans (Key West)

Purple Gallinule


<Q words>


<R words>

Regional File List (FL)


<S words>

Sand eel

Sandy beach (Tampa)

Sarasota, FL

Silver Springs, FL

Slave Market (St. Augustine)

Spanish moss

St. Augustine, FL

St. Joe, FL

Suzanne  (Jungle Gds)

Suzanne  (Key West)


<T words>

Tampa, FL

Tarpon Springs, FL

The Keys (FL)

Tourist carriages (St. Augustine)

Trigger Fish

Turpentine grove


<U words>


<V words>


<W words>

Water hyacinth

West Coast

White egret (Everglades)

White snapper


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<Y words>


<Z words>