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                     LANDSCAPES OF CALIFORNIA



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<A words>


All American Canal


Aquatic weeds


Autumn foliage



<B words>

Balboa Park

Beavertail cactus (Borrego Sps)

Beavertail cactus (Joshua Tree)

Berkeley campus

Big Pine Creek

Biological Control

Biological Control Dept.

Bodie Mining town

Box Springs Mt.


Bristlecone Pines


<C words>

Cable cars

Cactus garden (Huntington)

Cajon Pass

Calico Archeological Site

Canal siphon

Canyon Crest, Riverside


Central California

Coachella Valley

Coastal Redwoods


Columbine (Big Pine)

Columbine (Rock Creek)

Cottonwood Springs

Crescent City

Cynolebius bellotti


<D words>

Date Palms

Devil’s Postpile

Donner Lake

Drain (Irrigation)

Dr. Dee Simpson


<E words>

Eastern Rise (Sierra Nevada)

Edison Lake

Eriophyllum cactus


<F words>

Fern Cover (Sierra Nevada)

Ferns (Mt. Palomar)

File Numbers List

Fisherman’s Wharf

Floating Algae (Irrigation)


<G words>

Gambusia affinis-affinis

Garnet Lake

General Grant Grove

Glacial runoff


Glacier Point

Golden Gate Park

Great Basin

Green Creek Lake

Green Valley

Guadalupe Palms



<H words>

Half Dome (Yosemite)

Hearst Castle

Heart Lake


Hoover Wilderness

Hoover Wilderness Area

Houseflies (biocontrol)

Hume Lake

Huntington Lake

Huntington Library



<I words>

Iceberg Lake


Imperial Valley

Indian Paint Brush

Instant Fish








<J words>

Japanese Gardens

Jenks’ Lake

John Muir Wilderness

Johnson Lake Trail

Joshua Tree National Park

June Lake

June Lake Area


<K words>

Kaiser Pass

Kennedy Meadows

Klamath Weed Beetle


<L words>

Laguna Mts.

La Joya Coves

Lake Arrowhead

Lake Evans

Lake Gediza

Lake Gregory

Lake Mary Road

Lichens (Yosemite)

Los Angeles Area


<M words>

Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes Golf Course

Mammoth Mt.

Marin County

Mariposa Grove

Mexico (view into)

Minaret Falls Area

Minaret Summit

Mineral King

Mirror Lake

Mission Inn


Mojave Desert

Mono Hot Springs

Mono Pass

Monterey Area

Mosquito breeding

Mt. Palomar

Mt. Pinos

Mt. Rubidoux

Mt. San Jacinto

Mt. Shasta

Mt. Whitney Area

Muir Woods


<N words>

Native birch (Big Pine Creek)

Native birch (Mt. Whitney)

Nevada Falls

New York Mts.

Northern California

Northwest Coast


<O words>

Oak Woodland

Olympic Village (Squaw Valley)

Oreochromis hornorum

Oreochromis mossambica

Overview of San Francisco


<P words>

Pacific Ocean (Ft. Bragg)

Pacific Ocean (Monterey)

Pacific Ocean (San Simeon)

Palm Canyon

Palm Springs Tramway

Palo Verde Valley

Parasitic wasps


Piñon Flats

Pinus quadrafoliae

Poecilia reticulata

Post Office (San Diego)

Principal Regions

Providence Mts.


<Q words>

quadrafoliae (Pinus)



<R words>

Rainbow Falls

Range cattle

Regional File List

Ritter Range

Ritter Range Area

Riverside Area

Riverside City

Riverside Library

Riverside Museum Tour

Rock Creek

Rock Creek Area

Rock Creek Lake

Rodolia cardinalis

Ruby Lake

Russian Fort


<S words>

Salton Sea

San Bernardino Mts.

Sand Dunes (Imperial)

San Diego Zoo

San Francisco Bay Area

San Gabriel Mts.

San Gorgonio Mt.

San Gorgonio Wilderness

San Jacinto Mts.

San Joachin River

San Joachin River Basin

San Juan Bautista Mission

San Juan Capistrano

San Luis Rey Mission

San Simeon

Santa Cruz

Santa Rosa Mts.


Sequoias (Shaver Lake)

Sequoia National Park

Sequoias (Yosemite)

Southeastern Sierra Nevada

Shadow Lake

Shadow Lake Trail

Shaver Lake

Sierra Nevada Range

Silver Lake

Snowstorm (Yosemite)

Southern California

Southwest Coast

Sycamore Canyon


<T words>

Thousand Island Lake

Thousand Palms

Tilapia zillii


Torrey Pines


Twenty-nine Palms

Twin Lakes



<U words>

UCR (Univ. of Calif., Riverside)


<V words>

Vedalia beetle


Virginia Lakes Area


<W words>

Ward Lake

Washingtonia Palms

Western White Pine

Western Sierra Nevada

White Mts.

Wildflowers (Box Springs Mt.)

Wildflowers (Huntington Lake)

Wildflowers (Kaiser Pass)

Wildflowers (Kennedy Mdws)

Wildflowers (Mammoth Lakes)

Wildflowers (Minaret Area)

Wildflowers (Mineral King)

Wildflowers (Mt. Shasta)

Wildflowers (Providence Mts.)

Wildflowers (Shadow Lake)

Wildflowers (Shaver Lake)

Wildflowers (29 Palms)

Wild Iris


<X words>


<Y words>

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Valley


<Z words>

zillii (Tilapia)