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Biological Pest Control
University of California Riverside, California


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<ca80> -- BioControl Faculty:  Drs. Oatman, McMurtry, Clausen, Bartlett & Fleschner, Jan 1963



<ca531b> -- Gambusia affinis-affinis, control of mosquitoes.




<ca532b> -- Hydrilla in the All American Canal, Imperial Co.



<ca533b> -- Cynolebius bellotti, “instant fish” control of mosquitoes.



<ca534b> -- A drain in the Coachella Valley, showing build-up of aquatic weeds in distance.



<ca535b> -Oreochromis (Sarotherodon) hornorum (Trewazas), control of floating algae,mosquitoes & midges.



<ca536a> -Oreochromis (Sarotherodon) mossambica Peters, control of floating algae, mosquitoes & midges.



<ca538> -- Mosquito breeding site in the aquatic weed mass of a canal siphon in the Palo Verde Valley



<ca539> -- Poecilia reticulata, "guppy" control of mosquitoes in polluted water..




<ca540> -- Rodolia cardinalis (Mulsant), the Vedalia beetle, control of Cottony-cushion Scale




<ca541> --. Releasing newly imported beneficial parasitic wasps to control houseflies



.<ca542> -- Tilapia zillii control of cattails (Typha spp.).