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NUEVO LEÓN, México     


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<mex435> -- The U.S./Mexico Border at Laredo, TX., 10 May 1947



<mex434> -- The U.S./Mexico Border at Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, 10 May 1947



<mex420> -- First range of the Sierra Madre Oriental south of Laredo, TX., Jun 1949



<mex421> -- Mamulique Pass south of Laredo, TX., Jun 1949




<mex187> --Monterrey, Nuevo León, Dec 1960




<mex419> -- Huasteca Canyon south of Monterey, Mexico, Jun 1949


<mex422> -- Pastoral view in Linares, Nuevo León, Aug 1950



<mex8> -- Huasteca Canyon, south of Monterrey, Nov 1952