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<A words>

Adriatic Sea (Italy)


<B words>

Bell Tower (Venezia)

Brenner Pass (Italy)


<C words>

Caesar's Forum (Rome)

Calabria, Sicily

Capri, Italy

Castel San Angelo (Rome)

Catania, Sicily

Central Italy

Clock Tower (Venezia)

Coliseum (Rome)

Columbus Monument (Genoa)

Cosenza, Italy


<D words>

Dolomites (Italy)


<E words>


<F words>

File Numbers List (Italy)

Firenze, Italy

Florence, Italy

Fontana di Trevi

Foro Romano

Fountain of Trevi


<G words>

Genoa, Italy

Grace Kelly Hwy.

graffiti (Pompeii)

Grand Canal (Venezia)


<H words>


<I words>

Italian Riviera


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<K words>


<L words>

Lake Caressa

lava flows (Sicily)

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Lido, Venezia


<M words>

Map of Italy

Map of the Vatican

Maritime Alps

Mary  (Napoli)

Mary  (Pompeii)

Mary  (Sicily)

Messina, Italy

Milano, Italy

Mondovi, Italy

Mt. Etna

Mt. Vesuvius

murals (Pompeii)


<N words>

Naples, Italy


Northern Italy


<O words>


<P words>

Painapelle Island (Venezia)

Painted mural (Pompeii)

Peggy  (Firenze)

Peggy  (Milano)

Peggy  (Rome)

Piazza San Marco (Venezia)

Piazza San Pietro (Vatican)

Pisa, Italy

Pompeii, Italy

Principal Regions



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<R words>

Regional File List (Italy)



<S words>

San Marco (Venezia)

San Marco Cathedral

Santa Maria di Aracoeli


Sienna, Italy

Sorrento, Italy

Southern Italy

St. Peter's (Vatican)

Straits at Calabri, Italy

Suzanne  (Napoli)

Suzanne  (Pompeii)

Suzanne  (Sicily)


<T words>

The Vatican

theater (Pompeii)

Trevi Fountain

Trieste, Italy

Tyrrhenian Sea


<U words>


<V words>

Vatican & Vatican.Map

Vatican Flag


Venice, Italy

Verona area


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