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ger136 -- A tower along the City wall, Nürnberg


ger133 -- Pegnitz River at Nürnberg


fam2531 -- Holiday hikers in the Bavarian Forest


ger11 -- Winter storm in the Bavarian Forest


ger8 -- Snow laden evergreens in the Bavarian Fores


ger176 -- Sledding on the Danube shore, Straubing, Bavaria


fam2422 -- Holiday shoppers in Straubing, Bavaria

fam2540 -- Winter scene at Deggensdorf, Bavaria



fam2542 -- A hut in The Alps south of Munich



ger98 -- The Alps in southeastern Germany



fam2543 -- View from Schneefernhaus on the Zugspitze south of Munic


fam2677 -- Alpine hikers southeast of Munich




ger99 -- The Eipsee, southeastern Germany



fam2675 -- The Alps in Germany north of Salzburg, Austria


fam2544 -- Joining of the Danube, Inn, and Ilz Rivers at Passau, Bavaria