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<A words>

Aerial view Blue Mountains, Jamaica

Aerial view of Barbados

Aerial view of Bermuda

Aerial view of Cuba

Aerial view of Dominica

Aerial view of Santo Domingo

Aerial view Puerto Rico

African oil palms (Puerto Rico)

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Airport Santo Domingo

Akee fruit (Jamaica)

Akee tree (Jamaica)

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Auracaria (Bermuda)


<B words>

Bamboo (Jamaica)


Barranquitas, Puerto Rico

Barrel cacti (Jamaica)

Bauxite country (Jamaica)


Bermuda Botanical Garden

Bermuda cedars

Bermuda Islands

Blue Mountains, Jamaica

Blue Mountains, Jamaica (aerial view)

Bog Wog,  Jamaica

Breadfruit tree (Jamaica)

Bromeliads (Jamaica)


<C words>

cacao (Trinidad)

Caguas, Puerto Rico

Cannonball tree, Puerto Rico

Caribbean Natl. Forest, Puerto Rico

Caribbean Sea (Jamaica)

Caribe Hilton (Puerto Rico)

Castleton Gardens, Jamaica

cedars (Bermuda)

Ceiba tree (Jamaica)

Central Jamaica

Central Puerto Rico

Cereus cactus (Jamaica)

Citrus grove (Puerto Rico)

Clock tower (W. Jamaica)

Clove tree (Jamaica)

coconut palms (wild) (Puerto Rico)

Coconut plantation (Jamaica)

Colegio de Artes y Ciencias, Puerto Rico

Columbus Landing area (Jamaica)

Commonwealth Institute Biocontrol (Trinidad)

Concentrated housing (Puerto Rico)


Curepe, Trinidad


<D words>

Date grove (Puerto Rico)

Desert (SW Pto. Rico)

Discovery Bay, Jamaica

Doctor's Cave, Jamaica



<E words>

East Coast (Jamaica)

El Moro (Puerto Rico)

El Toro Branch (Carib. Natl. For.) (Puerto Rico)

El Yunque (Puerto Rico)

epiphytes (tree) (Jamaica)

eye gnats (Jamaica)


<F words>

Fan palm (Bermuda)

Fan palms (native) (Jamaica)

Farr, Tom (Jamaica)

File Numbers List (Jamaica)

File Numbers List (Puerto Rico)

Finches (Jamaica)

Fisherman casting net (Puerto Rico)

Flamboyan tree (Puerto Rico)

Flower Beds (Bermuda)

Francis Milord (Puerto Rico)

Fred  (Arecibo, Puerto Rico)

Fred  (Mayagüez, Puerto Rico)


<G words>

Goldon shower tree (Jamaica)

Grillwork (Puerto Rico)

Guanajibo Hill (Puerto Rico)

<H words>

Harbour Mountains, Jamaica

Hardware Gap, Jamaica

Harvesting sugarcane (Puerto Rico)

Henequén (Jamaica)

Hillman automobile (Puerto Rico)

Hindu Prayer Flags (Trinidad)

Hindu Temple (Trinidad)

Hippelates eye gnats (rearing in Jamaica)

Historic Area (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Holland Tunnel, Jamaica

Hope Gardens, Jamaica

Hydrangeas (Jamaica)


<I words>

Iceplant-like vegetation (Jamaica)

International Airport, Puerto Rico

Ironwood tree (Jamaica)

Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico

Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico

Isla Maguey, Puerto Rico

Isla Mona, Puerto Rico

Isla Piñeros, Puerto Rico

Isla Verde Airport, Puerto Rico


<J words>


Jamaica (map of in png)  (gif )

Joyuda, Puerto Rico


<K words>

Kings House (Jamaica)

Kingston (Jamaica)


<L words>

La Fortuna, Puerto Rico

Laguna Cartagena, Puerto Rico

Lajas, Puerto Rico

Lavender (wild) (Jamaica)

Lignum vitae (Jamaica)

Limestone cliffs (Jamaica)

Limestone formations (Bermuda)


<M words>

Manati, Puerto Rico

Mandeville, Jamaica

Map of Barbados (png)   (gif)

Map of Bermuda (jpg)

Map of Cuba (png)     (gif )

Map of Cuba & Environs (jpg)


Map of Dominica (png)     (gif )

Map of Dominican Republic (png)    (gif )

Map of Jamaica (png)     (gif )

Map of Puerto Rico (jpg)

Map of Trinidad & Tobago (png)     (gif )

Maracas Beach (Trinidad) 

Maricao Forest, Puerto Rico

Marine Biology Station, Puerto Rico

Mary  (Blue Mts., Jamaica)

Mary  (Isla Maguey, Puerto Rico)

Mary  (Kingston, Jamaica)

Mary  (Mayagüez, Puerto Rico)

Mary  (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

Mary  (Palisadoes, Jamaica)

Mary  (Ponce, Puerto Rico)

Mary  (Punta Arenas, Puerto Rico)

Mary  (Trinidad)

Mayagüez area, Puerto Rico

Melrose Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica

Miguel Figueroa (Puerto Rico)

Monastery (Trinidad)

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Muslim Mosque (Trinidad)


<N words>

Newcastle, Jamaica

Norfolk pines (Bermuda)

North Coast (Puerto Rico)

North Coast of Trinidad

Northeast Coast (Puerto Rico)

Northeast Jamaica

Nuclear Center (Puerto Rico)


<O words>

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Opuntia  cacti (Isla Maguey, Puerto Rico)

Opuntia  cactus (Ponce, Puerto Rico)

Opuntia cactus (Jamaica)


Organ pipe cacti (Jamaica)i

Overview of Bermuda

Oxcart (Puerto Rico)

<P words>

Palisadoes Peninsula, Jamaica

Pandanus-like plant (Bermuda)

Pimento tree (Jamaica)

Pine plantation (Jamaica)

Pineapple fields (Puerto Rico)

Poinciana trees (Jamaica)

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Port Antonio, Jamaica

Port Royal, Jamaica

Primitive area (North coast, Jamaica)

Principal Regions (Jamaica)

Principal Regions (Puerto Rico)

Puerto Rico

Puncture vine (Jamaica)

Punta Arenas (Puerto Rico)


<Q words>


<R words>

Regional File List (Jamaica)

Regional File List (Puerto Rico)

Rented House (Trinidad)

Rio Cobre, Jamaica

Rio Grande, Jamaica

Rio Grande, Jamaica  (source)

Río Piedras, Puerto Rico

Roistonia (Puerto Rico)

Roofs (Bermuda)

Royal palms (native) (Puerto Rico)

Rushing Stream (north coast of Jamaica)


<S words>

Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico

Saffron finches (Jamaica)

Sailboat (Pta. Arenas, Puerto Rico)

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.

Savanna (Jamaica)

scale insect damage (Bermuda)

School girls (Spanish Town, Jamaica)

Sea grapes (Puerto Rico)

Sicalis flaveola (Jamaica)

Silkcotton tree (Jamaica)

Sister Bay, Jamaica

South Coast (Puerto Rico)

South Coast Jamaica

Southwest Puerto Rico

Spanish moss (Jamaica)

Spanish Town, Jamaica

sugarcane (Jamaica)

sugarcane (Puerto Rico)

sunsets (SW Puerto Rico)

Suzanne  (Blue Mts., Jamaica)

Suzanne  (Isla Maguey, Puerto Rico)

Suzanne  (Kingston, Jamaica)

Suzanne  (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

Suzanne  (Ponce, Puerto Rico)

Suzanne  (Punta Arenas, Puerto Rico)

Suzanne  (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Suzanne  (Trinidad)

Sweet sop tree (Jamaica)


<T words>

Tamarind tree (Jamaica)

Teak tree (Jamaica)

Termite damage (Puerto Rico)

Termite tunnels (on tree) (Jamaica)

Todys (wild) (Jamaica)

Tom Cringle silkcotton tree (Jamaica)

Tree ferns (Puerto Rico)

Tribulus puncture vine (Jamaica)


<U words>

Univ of Puerto Rico (Mayagüez)

Univ. of Puerto Rico (Río Piedras)

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Puerto Rico


<V words>

Vine-like bamboo (Jamaica)


<W words>

Walwyn Hughes (Bermuda)

Water catchment roofs (Bermuda)

West Coast (Puerto Rico)

Wild stream (Puerto Rico)

Wild Todys (Jamaica)

Wildflowers (Trinidad)


<X words>


<Y words>


<Z words>